13 December 2019

Tee shirt quilt finished!

I am so so happy with how this tee shirt quilt came out!! 

I decided to use the same fabric for the sashing for the binding. 

11 December 2019

Tee shirt quilt - quilting

I got the tee shirt quilt on the long arm!  I chose to quilt it with a meander and grey thread.

I managed to get it quilted in one night!

Up next, trimming and binding!

09 December 2019

tee shirt quilt 4

I am loving how this is coming together!! I have the two pieces almost all done so I can sew them together! Then I need to add strips to the top and sides, and then quilt it of course!

04 December 2019

Tee shirt quilt 3

Things definitely changed from my last picture!  I have started adding some sashing to the blocks.  I also added a few smaller blocks to make it look a little more irregular.  I am definitely enjoying how it's coming together!

02 December 2019

tee shirt quilt 2

I knew the customer wanted the blocks to not be in straight lines, so this is my first go of trying to arrange them so that they didn't look like they were just in lines.

29 November 2019

Casting Cats Part 3

Tails are almost done.  I realized after I put the tail pieces up on my design wall, that the purple kitty body needs to be redone!  Oops!

28 November 2019

Casting cats Part 2

I have all my cat heads and bodies sewn together!! Now to attach the tails!

27 November 2019

Tee shirt quilt 1

I was hired to make a tee shirt quilt.  She wanted a "puzzle" type quilt.  Which was a first for me (but totally doable!)

I cut out and interfaced all the shirts in one night (I love my heat press!).

Then I spent another few nights trimming the shirts.  I started with them all being the same size width, and I left some of them longer than others.

This is my first picture of just laying the blocks out to try to figure out how I was going to put them together.

20 November 2019

Casting Cats mini quilt

I signed up to do a swap on instagram.  It's like a white elephant gift exchange.  You don't know who you are making for, because people get to vote on which mini quilt they want!  I did a informal poll on instagram, and most people wanted cats.

So I went with this pattern, casting cats by Cate Tallman-Evans, of blank designs.  I honestly don't know where I found the pattern, it was a free PDF download.  I have had it saved for quite a while!

I am not following the pattern with just three colors of cats, I decided to do pairs of two with contrasting fabric.

13 November 2019

November 16th - craft fair

I am excited to be a part of this craft & vendor fair this year, I was a part of it last year also!

08 November 2019

Bowl cozies

I was busy tonight! I finished 7 microwave cozies!

And I used a new fabric I haven’t used before (the Harry Potter ones at top)

Sewing with the cats

I have been sewing in my living room lately.  I put my featherweight on a TV tray.

One of my biggest struggles in my sewing room is the cats! They want to cuddle with me ALL the time.  Which I am NOT complaining about, I love cuddling with them.  But I cannot get work done while they are cuddling with me, they generally try to sit in front of the machine so I cannot sew!

Well they LOVE it when I sew in the living room, there is room for both of them on the love seat with me.

I was working on microwave cozies.  I have a few new patterns and some others I have ran out of.  They aren't 100% done, so I don't have pictures of them.

07 November 2019

November 9th - Craft fair

I am SO excited to be a part of this craft fair this year, I found out about it last year!  And made sure I applied this year!

06 November 2019

craft fair set up

My mother in law and I had a craft fair last weekend, and here is our set up (we had two spaces)

I feel like we're getting to the point where we can get it set up well, fairly easy.

And I had electricity, so I was able to work on a few things!! I finished 5 microwave cozies while I was there! (it's also a good conversation starter)

24 October 2019


I have an event this weekend!


The pictures are both links to the facebook event.  I know I am going to busy this week making some 

23 October 2019

Table runners

I don't know how it's been so long since I have posted! Life gets so busy that I don't have time to sew let alone post!

I have some halloween table runners that need some Christmas backs, so I put up the designs on my wall to see which one I liked better.

I kind of like them both, but lean towards the second because of the spacing with the white.

20 September 2019

Falloween - first craft fair of the season

I am excited for my first craft fair this weekend! I have been preparing for craft fair season all year!  I did not make my goal of 10 microwave bowl cozies each month, but I did make quite a few.

I also used my cricut to out/make new price tents, that I hope will look good.

I also made a bunch of new pot holders!

Here's to a successful weekend (it's 3 days). I will share pictures once I get my set up done!

18 September 2019

Fabric Coasters

I have a lot of 5" squares, so I have been trying to find things to do with them.  I thought I would make coasters!

These are sets of 4.  They're not 100% waterproof, but I like them, and they are so cute!

13 September 2019

Spools Quilt

This is not all the blocks just some of my recent ones.  You can kind of see what I have been working on! a lot of pinks!!

This puts me at about 200 blocks!!

10 September 2019

Earbud pouches

I went a little crazy cutting out earbud pouches. .

So I had to sew them all up!!

Here are some of the beauty and the beast ones I made.

These are the Mulan ones I made.

These are the doctor who ones.

And I am not sure if you can tell these are the larger size.

I just need to put keychain rings or clips in these for my craft fairs!