08 February 2018

Brook's Quilt - or finally a quilt

Brook has wanted a quilt since she moved in with us, but I tried explaining that it took me 15 years to make my dad a quilt, I probably wasn't going to be able to just whip her one out.

Well I found a design someone had posted on facebook to be real inspiring, so I found a way to use up some blocks I had, plus cut into some cute fabric.

 Here is Mochi while I was putting the binding on.  She would NOT get off of the quit!

And here is the quilt finished.  The darker blue fabric has French bread and macaroons on it.  I called this Quilt "finally" a quilt since has been asking for one for almost 3 years.

I used 2.5" blocks, and then the solid blue & macaroon blue were 8.5" x 4.5".  I think this pattern could be fun to do with certain colors too.

06 February 2018

ACK! January goals fail :(

Goals for 2018:
1. Post in my blog 7 times a month.  Even if I am just updating about how my leader/ender progress is coming.  I need to write!
- I think I am going to change this one to 4 times a month (that's once a week) a) because I don't get to sew that much and b) I haven't been able to sit down at the computer much (except for work :/)

2. Finish Quilts for my nephew (it's started), B for graduation (no clue what to do!), A for Christmas (log cabin), J for Christmas (scrappy strings). Make tee-shirt quilts (3).
- I have been working on scrappy strings but that's about it.

3. Organize and use my 2.5" squares.  I have been thinking about doing a color quilt with the different colored squares I have. 
- When I was cleaning things up I found a LOT more of these 2.5" squares.  My box had been getting smaller, but boom now it's full again :/ I have an idea of what I think I will be doing with them, they will work as leader/enders since I ran out of strips for my current leader ender project.

05 January 2018

My heart Quilt

One of, if not the first quilt I finished was for my grandma.

 I think I have shared it here before, but here it is again.

It has the only thing I have ever finished cross stitch on.   (and I think when I did it I winged it).  But it was in 2000.

Well it's been a few years, and been washed a few times, and wasn't sewn the best, so it's started to fray quilt a bit in some spots.  So my grandma had asked me if I could patch it up.  I am not sure how I will, but I am going to try.

BUT she doesn't want to be without her quilt, she loves it so much.  Well I didn't want her to be without one either, so I made her a second one.

I used blue because I used blue in her first quilt, and purple because that's my favorite color.  So I told her she always has my heart with her.

It wasn't a difficult quilt to make, but definitely outside of my norm, because of all the white, even though it's all scrappy, there is a LOT of white.  But I really wanted the heart to pop.

This was finish 4 of 4 for the year.

02 January 2018

2018 goals!

Well 2017 has come and gone, I tried to post a little more in my blog, but I wasn't great about it, part of the issue ends up being that if I am making a gift I don't want them to see, I need to do better about scheduling posts for future dates.

In 2014, I posted goals for the year, and revisited them every month.  That helped keep me accountable in my posting and in my sewing.

So here are my goals for 2018.

1. Post in my blog 7 times a month.  Even if I am just updating about how my leader/ender progress is coming.  I need to write!

2. Finish Quilts for my nephew (it's started), B for graduation (no clue what to do!), A for Christmas (log cabin), J for Christmas (scrappy strings). Make tee-shirt quilts (3).

3. Organize and use my 2.5" squares.  I have been thinking about doing a color quilt with the different colored squares I have.

22 December 2017

Kitchen set

For my swap from LAST YEAR (2016), December, she didn't want a mini quilt, but had some other these types of things pinned on pinterest.  So I made her coasters, a microwave cozy and a cup cozy.

You can't see it in the picture, but the cup cozy has elastic so she can use it on a bigger cup if she needs to.  

06 December 2017


I worked on these ornaments at the craft day I was at a few weeks ago, but I just added the buttons to it.  I just hot glued some buttons I had.

I really like how these turned out!

20 November 2017

Productive day

The scrapbooking store does the craft nights & days, but we haven't been able to come since October because of our busy schedule.  But I was able to finally, and I got A LOT done!  12 hours of uninterrupted sewing, you bet I got a lot done!

Christmas ornaments, I just need to add buttons to the middle

Christmas themed Coasters.  I had a fat quarter of christmas prints, and decided this would be a good use for them.

And a bunch more microwave cozies.  I found I can make 6 microwave cozies with one bobbin on my featherweight.

And this wasn't even everything.  These are just the things I can share ;)

13 November 2017

Stash bee 2015

Hunters star
Wonky lines

Scrappy Stars

Circle of squares


Pinwheels and solids
Star in star

Wonky churn dash

I asked for sisters choice block, I will have to find the blocks and lay them all out, it's kind of been put on the back burner because I don't know what to do with the sashing.

09 November 2017

Sewing weekend

My best friend & I have known each other since we were 4.  In high school we both took sewing, and were bit by the bug.  In high school we used to get together at one of our houses and have sewing parties.  Even in college we would get together and sew.  

It's been a little more difficult since we've "grown up" and moved apart.  But we have still made time to sew together.  We visit her at Thanksgiving, and quite a bit of that weekend usually involves sewing.

Well that weekend wasn't enough for us.  So I started going to visit her during my fall break.  I got a lot done this year!

This was something I started to use up some of my 2.5" squares.  I saw a quilt like this on facebook and ran with it.  It went together fairly easy. The inside blocks were 4.5"x 8.5".

We stayed in a hotel room, which was nice for laying things out.  Here is her Allitare quilt by Bonnie Hunter.  And my scrappy rail fence.

I also started this quilt.  I got the heart all pieced, and now I need to finish the other rows.

She finished this Christmas top.  I love how it looks and how quickly it went together!

I also made some microwave bowls for an upcoming craft fair.  They sold pretty well at the first craft fair I had them at.  The black one is the "standard" size I have been making.  The white one below it was actually an accident.  I cut the batting too big, so I just used a larger piece of fabric, and voila! a bigger size, which is something people asked for.

06 November 2017

Nightmare before Christmas

I made one of my good friends a quilt about 7 years ago. But her husband stole it from her (how dare he!) she even made him a quilt, but she was still quilt-less.  She likes nightmare before Christmas, so I made her this quilt.  

01 November 2017

Round Robin 2017

Some of the ladies I did the round robin with last year decided we would do it again this year, there were only 3 of us, but it was fun. 

I added the flying geese to this one to kind of look like trees to match the camping fabric.

I wanted a way to pull out the colors that were in her bear claw block

And here is what I received back! I don't know what I am going to do next to add to it.

30 October 2017

Round robin 2016

I have wanted to join a round robin for a long time.  Someone on facebook posted about one, so I jumped at the chance to join!

This is the first block I received, and I added the string blocks to the outside.

This is the block I sent.  I will post a final picture of it

I added the black & white hour glass blocks.  I wanted something that would add to it, but not be super crazy.

It's just lovely!! I am adding some purple & white 2.5" squares to make it just a little bit bigger.

28 October 2017

Sewing weekend

It's my fall break, and last year I came to Texas & visited my friend Christine (that I visit for thanksgiving).  She's my favorite person to quilt with!

I made some microwave bowls.

Christine is working on a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.  I am working on some quilt tops.  I have finished this one in the picture, and almost a second & third.

24 October 2017

Simply mini swap November 2015

 I was excited when I saw that my partner liked this pattern, because I had bought it to make for myself!  So I got to make it for her!  The one I had seen online had straight line quilting, but nothing crossed.  So I decided to keep with that.

I have enjoyed doing swaps on instagram in the past year.  But I decided to slow down because I realized I spent more time working on swaps than gifts for other people.  

The pattern is from quiet play, you can get it on craftsy here: https://www.craftsy.com/profile/quiet-play-s-pattern-store

22 October 2017

Craft night aka finished my bowtie top

I found a scrapbook store near us that does crafting nights.  So I signed up!!!

I love my little featherweight with the table my MIL got me.

Here is the top!!

Laid out.
Here is a close up of some blocks.

I am so excited to have this top done! Although now I think maybe I need to make it a little bigger.  I was kind of thinking about putting it on my bed.  If you click here you can see all my bowtie posts.  I cannot believe how long it's been since I have started it! It was a GREAT and easy leader/ender project.

11 October 2017

zippy pouch


I found a zipper while I was working on my nightmare before Christmas quilt and had a small piece of fabric left over, so I decided to make a little zippy pouch.

I have no clue what I will use it for.  But I'm sure it will come in handy.

05 October 2017


I decided in December 2012 I wanted to make a bow tie quilt.  I wanted to use it as my leader and enders.  And I have been.  I used other things too.  But I liked making this one because I was able to cut up a variety of fabrics, from projects I was working on to use in it.

Here is a link with all my bow tie progress posts. I have currently sewn all the rows together, next shall be putting it together and quilting it.  This quilt is for ME! And I don't have to share it if I don't want to!

29 September 2017

Bow ties laid out

I love these little bowties, I decided to lay out my blocks of 16 to see how it was looking.  And I don't know what it is about these blocks! But I just love them.  I cannot wait to finish this quilt.

28 September 2017

Microwave cozy

My mother in law had talked about how she wanted one of those microwave bowl holders.  So after I made her some for Christmas I also started making some to sell at craft shows.

Here are five of them sewn together ready to be turned right side out.  I found the pattern on craftsy.  It is a very easy pattern to follow and quick.

25 September 2017

Joy Banner

I had found a pattern with the little stars a long time ago.  It's been at least since 2014. It was supposed to have the words JOY with it, and I think stars all around it.  I couldn't find the pattern, but have recently started something with the moda alphabet blocks

I can make it with one row of stars

or two.  I haven't finished it yet.  So I don't know which one I will choose.