21 September 2017

Birthday swap January

The background was a little too busy, but it's got a lot of potter in it!

The patterns I used were from https://sewhooked.com/harry-potter/

18 September 2017

Scraptacular & some kitties

Minnie loved helping me with the scraptacular quilt

Here is the binding I used on scraptacular, I figured the quilt was scrappy the binding was going to be too!

And these two loved helping me sew!

15 September 2017


I have been working on this quilt for so long I completely forgot I had named it scraptacular.  I was going through blog posts to see when I had posted about it and such.  

The last time was April 2014! I finally got to the point recently where I wanted it finished.  I decided to send it to one of my good friends because I was making her another quilt, and I didn't want her family to steal her quilt.  So this became a family quilt.  And one of the neat things, is that I think there is fabric from each of her kids quilts in this.

13 September 2017

Scrappy trips

I have loved being a part of scrappy trips swaps.  I have so much variety in my quilt!  I cannot wait to finish this one, it will definitely be on my 2018 finish list ;)

08 September 2017

Table topper

Here are some table toppers I made for Christmas 2015
There were two, one with the blue & white front and one with the grey and off white
This was the front side, with Colts on the back
I didn't pay attention to my layout of the, but I think it still works.
This one had colts on the back of it also.

06 September 2017


I have not been posting in my blog, and I miss it.  I like coming back here and seeing what I have been up to.

But things have been crazy for the past year.  But I want to keep up with this blog for ME! So I am going to try to keep up. 

I have a lot of things to share that I have been working on/worked on for the past yearish. 

So hopefully this is my welcome back post :)

18 January 2016

Green & Brown quilt finished!

I actually started this quilt in 2013!!!!!  You can see more information about it by clicking here

I did diagonal quilting through the green squares.  I used green to bind it.  And I LOVE how it turned out! I was able to gift it for Christmas 2015!

17 January 2016

Pirate Swap

I was doing a pirate swap, and my parent said they wanted a siren, well I couldn't find an exact siren, but I did find a mermaid, which is kind of the same thing right?  I liked the idea behind it, you cut up squares and sew them down.  

I think I did mine a little different then she suggested, I used iron on paper to the back and that was how I stuck it down.  Here you can see the start and some of my squares I used.  It was a great scrappy project!

And this is the final design.  I decided triangles would kind of give a sea feel.  For quilting I stitched inside the mermaid following her lines pretty close together.  Then every where else I just kind of did wavy stitches to look like the sea.  For the triangles I did straight line quilting.

I teach at a school whose mascot is the pirates, so I asked for something I could hang in my classroom.

And hang it I did!! I love it! It looks great!

16 January 2016

Quilted composition book cover

I received one of these for a swap, and have been hooked!  I have been making them left and right!  They are great for scraps of fabric!

I had made a few for craft shows and Christmas.

I have been really bad about updating my blog (SINCE SEPTEMBER!) so there are going to be a lot of catch up posts in the next few weeks, and hopefully I can start sharing things I work on now :)

28 September 2015

Scrappy trips

I signed up for another round of scrappy trips, so I thought I should lay out my blocks to show what I have.  Silly Pepé couldn't be bothered to move! 

There will only be one more round unless someone else steps up :(

23 September 2015

Harry Potter mini quilt swap

I have loved Harry Potter since it came out, first the books, then the movies.  There was a mini quilt swap for Harry Potter, so I had to sign up!

This is what I made my partner.  A mini with the crest.  I also sent along some gryffindor goodies.

Here is what my partner sent me!  She made the wrapping paper herself!! and look at those adorable cross stitch characters!!

 Here is my mini, the picture is kind of crappy because I took the picture in my car, and I keep forgetting to take a picture in the house!  She said this was her first mini and I think she did LOVELY!!!

21 September 2015

Dog Mini

Here is the mini my foster daughter made for the dog mini swap.  She found the design and I helped her with it.

For the quilting she decided on wavy lines through the whole thing.

And here is the mini she received.  She was floored!  She loves it so much, she hung it in her bedroom right after opening it!

14 September 2015

Passport holder

I've been doing swaps on instagram, and although I have been only trying to sign up for mini quilt swaps there have been a few that I had to sign up for!  This was a fun little thing to make up.  I made a few to try to sell at the craft fair this year.

09 September 2015

Christmas in July

Here is another swap I was in.  Christmas in July!  It was nice getting a Christmas package in July.

This is what I received, a mini wall hanging and some notions.

I made my partner a table runner that is double sided.  One side was trees and the other leaves.

02 September 2015

Painting night

We had a lot of guests this summer.  One my friends is kind of artsy, so I asked if she wanted to do a "paint night" but instead of going out, we did it at home.  We found a picture we liked and did something similar.

The one of the left is my friends, the one in the middle is mine, and the right one is my foster daughters.  I love how we all looked at the same picture but they all came out different!

01 September 2015

Scrappy trip along Round 9

Here are the blocks I sent for Scrappy Trips round 9! I am doing round 10 too!  The top one is the one I made for me.

31 August 2015

Log cabin

This is what I got done Saturday!  Only about 50 more blocks to finish the whole quilt!

07 August 2015

Fabulous Fandom Swap

Here is what I sent my swap partner - I made a mini with her name and some of her favorite Harry Potter things.

Here is what I received!  A lovely hand embroidered Shrek, kitty toys, a one hour basket and a mug that says crazy cat lady!

06 August 2015

Stash bee

I have my stash bee blocks from March, but I am not sure what to do with them!

I tried this layout, with the bonus triangles being used as cornerstones.

17 June 2015

First quilt

Since we have moved to Indiana, I have hosted my best friends kids (from Iowa).  This year the youngest (9) came out.  She wanted to make a quilt.  And she went to town.

Here is the finished top.  I learned a lot since her oldest sister came out.  I wasn't as stressed about everything ending up perfect.  Just let her go.

Here she is basting the quilt

All finished on the bed she was sleeping in.

I cannot believe how quickly she got it done!  I am very proud of her!