02 August 2018

Microwave cozies

Jordan got a lot done on her visit here.  She made 4 microwave cozies for her family.

30 July 2018

Cat kicker toy

A local cat shelter had asked people to make cat kicker toys to sell as a fundraiser.  Well I wanted to try it out before I made them for them.

Minnie sure enjoyed the toy!

Earl wasn't as sure, but he enjoyed the cat nip in it.

Mochi went to town! She loved it!

28 July 2018

tacos table runner

This is some of the fabric I bought from a Jo-Ann's that was closing.  I LOVE the tacos fabric.  I managed to find this green that I think compliments it well.  I am going to put a fall design on the back side, so it's double sided.

26 July 2018

Sewing room

Michaels had a good deal on some plastic storage, and they were exactly what I was looking for.  So I bought them.  But that meant I wanted to clean up.

Jordan was out and she helped me.

I almost don't want to sew it's so clean!!

25 July 2018


Jordan came out for another visit (link here).  She had some things she wanted to sew.  So we went to town.

She wanted to make shorts, I found a pattern I had.  So she got a new pair of shorts.

Here she is pinning the pattern to the fabric.

And here is Earl "helping" her.  As you can tell we are working on making him a quilting cat.  It's only been a few months :)

09 July 2018

Cricut saves the day

I know I have posted about my grandma's quilt.  (Here is the original post, and again here when I made her a second quilt.) The reason I made her a second quilt was because hers was falling apart.  It was made in 2000, and was the first thing I made.

I knew I wanted to patch it up with this flannel fabric, and decided that hearts would look good.  I hadn't done it (and I have had her quilt for a while) but once I got my cricut, I KNEW that it would be a lot easier and I went to town.

I used fusible web, for two reasons a) so they would attach and b) to help them stay down.  I did also stitch around the edges.

I ended up having to put something like 15 heart patches on! But grandma was happy to get this back :)

07 July 2018

July Goals

1. Post in my blog 7 times a month.  Even if I am just updating about how my leader/ender progress is coming.  I need to write!
- June I posted 12 times!! It's nice being in my sewing room.

2. Finish Quilts for my nephew (it's started), B for graduation (no clue what to do!), A for Christmas (log cabin), J for Christmas (scrappy strings). Make tee-shirt quilts (3).
- Scrappy strings is coming along, B graduation is done (monochromatic stars), and I am working on two tee-shirt quilts (one done)

3. Organize and use my 2.5" squares.  I have been thinking about doing a color quilt with the different colored squares I have.
- I used my 2.5" squares for the LinkedIn quilt.

06 July 2018


Here is an update of my LinkedIn quilt.  It's definitely more green than I planned, but I like it a lot.

04 July 2018

Heat Transfer Vinyl - not Quilting related

 Since I got my cricut, I have been wanting to play with HTV (heat transfer vinyl).

So I put this on a pillowcase I'd bought.  The letters aren't straight, because I am still learning with my machine ;)

This one is on a tote bag, again I know it's not straight.  I don't think it's too bad for my first time using the HTV.

29 June 2018

New toy

 I got a new toy recently!!!

Here is Minnie checking it out.

And I added a little bling to it.  I have some ideas of things I can do that are quilting related!! I can't wait to have some time this summer to play with it!

22 June 2018

Finished Quilt

I finished the memory quilt (and washed it).  I love how it turned out.  I took some pictures outside.

20 June 2018

Linked In

I saw a quilt similar to this online.  I wanted to make it.  I decided to use greens for the "links".  It's definitely a lot more green than I anticipated.

18 June 2018

Quilt layout

I finished sewing the flannel to the back of all the blocks, and put them up on the design wall.  I laid them out to see how it I liked it.  I rearranged a few things before I got to this final layout.

14 June 2018

Leaders and enders

Wow! I have 84 of these little blocks!! I love how quickly the come together, and it's so handy when I am working on other things to just have them there and ready.

I pulled out my bow ties quilt to show it to someone, and guess who came and laid down on it!!! I guess he's a quilting kitty ;)

12 June 2018

Finished quilt!

Quilting after getting it pinned.  I chose to do some straight line quilting.


Here is Earl, "helping" me.

And the finished quilt!! I am definitely happy with how it turned out.  And she was happy with the gift :) Definitely a quick turn around for me.  It only took about 3 weeks!

10 June 2018

Finished top!!!!

I don't have a close up on the fabric I ended up choosing for the border, but it's black with multi colored stars.  I think it fits perfect.  I chose to use a solid border instead of a pieced one, because this needed to get done quickly!

I laid it out to get the basting done.  I need more safety pins!

Here's a picture of the back, I don't think it does the back justice.

And now I quilt it!!!

08 June 2018

Memory Quilt - blocks

I have finished interfacing/sewing/cutting all the blocks I needed.  There are a total of 20 blocks, so 4 x 5 blocks.  With the 5th row being slightly longer.

This is not the final layout.  Just me putting them on my design wall to make them easier to count.  I had two blocks that wouldn't stay up there.

These were a pair of leggings.  All I could see on them was "Celine Dion" which is funny to me. 

06 June 2018

Scrappy trips

Someone on Instagram was doing a scrappy trip along, but not as a swap, but just to get a top done.  And since I had done quite a few swaps, I have A LOT of blocks to use.  

Here they are laid out on my wall.  I LOVE having a design wall for instances like these.  I will say I definitely see different things when I take a picture rather than just having them up there.

And because I like to make a million things at once, here are some more strips laid out

04 June 2018

Memory Quilt

I was commissioned to make a memory quilt.

The woman whose clothes these were enjoyed traveling and visited many Hard Rock Cafés.  This is about half of the blocks I would like to have done.

There were also some leggings, I was able to get enough for one block (the top left one) and then I sewed some strips together to get another one.  

02 June 2018

Finished Blocks

I finished all the star blocks! 

I have almost all the sashings on!

My husband helped me lay out the blocks so nothing was too similar next to anything else.

I am trying to decide on how I will make it bigger.  I was thinking a random 2.5" 16 patch

Or maybe a colored 2.5" 16 patch?