11 May 2015

Jelly Roll race

Here is the jelly roll I picked up for my jelly roll race quilt.

 I don't remember when I first heard about a jelly roll race quilt, but after watching the video I KNEW I wanted to make one.  I bought a jelly roll and finally got it done.

I started it on Tuesday night, sewing everything together took FOREVER! Then I pressed and trimmed (I don't think they pressed in the video I saw). 

I'm not as in love with it as some of the others I have seen.  I don't know if it's the colors or what not.  I do LOVE how fast it came together.  I will definitely be making another one!

08 May 2015


 When I saw there would be a nerds swap on Instagram I instantly had to join!! Here is the collage I put together of my "nerdoms" : Animal Crossing, Shrek, Tetris, Cats, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Mario.

I cannot share what I am making for my partner since I think it will be a give away, but I will be mailing it later this month!

07 May 2015

Scrappy trip along

I have been a part of the scrappy trip along bee for a few rounds now (I think this will be my third time?)

 I enjoy being a part of it!! There is SO much variety!! I also use it as time to make myself a few extra quilt blocks.  so hopefully I will have a top done. . .Sometime!  This was after the last round, I need to get a more up to date picture done!

02 May 2015

Spring Fling

Here is the finished mini I made for the Spring fling swap.  I am VERY happy with how this came out.  And of course I forgot to take picture before shipping it.

So you can see the binding and kind of see the quilting here.  I thought the brown would nicely frame it.

15 April 2015

Stash Bee 2015

Here are all the blocks I received from the Stash bee (hive 7).  OH MY GOSH!! The blocks are lovely!! I cannot wait to get them into a quilt together!

This picture shows all the blocks I have received plus some I have made myself.  I was thinking I would need A LOT more blocks, but I think a few more (because I am going to use a sashing) will be perfect.

12 April 2015


Here is everything I received!  I cannot believe all that she sent

She even included a little gift for my foster daughter! That meant the world to me!

She decorated the box, I LOVED it!

I didn't get pictures of everything I sent to my partner but here is her mini and the label!  I hope she enjoys it.  

11 April 2015

Spring fling

I joined instagram and have been using that as a way for me to share with the quilting community.  One of the more recent swaps I joined was the spring fling mini swap.

I was a little late in making it, but here is the collage I made.  It was one of the first surveys I filled out, so I wasn't sure what to say, but I said I liked the color purple (quite an understatement!) But I enjoy paper pieced things, snails trail is my favorite block, I love Shrek, vintage singers and anything cat or appliqué.

Here is the sneak peak I posted on Instagram for my partner.  I really hope she enjoys what I am making for her!

It is due this Friday, I need to finish the quilting on it and package it up!

31 March 2015

Kitten mini quilt

The second swap I joined on instagram I HAD to because it was about CATS! And if you couldn't tell I love kitties!

This was the collage I made. I love that little kitty at the piano, I think him at a sewing machine would be adorable!!  I probably could have found about twenty other pictures I liked (and I made a pinterest board, called Cat blocks) but I limited my collage to these that I thought were most adorable!

Here is a sneak peek at what my partner is getting!

24 March 2015

her first quilt

I mentioned I had a foster daughter, well she wanted to get in on this quilting nonsense ;)

 She picked out the fabrics, and the design.  I helped her cut the squares.

She wanted to add a border.  I really like the color she chose.

She made it for some friends of ours that are fostering a newborn.

09 March 2015

Busy bee. . .

I have not been around, and not been able to do a lot of sewing, I have done a little, but nothing is finished that I could share.

The main reason I haven't been able to finish anything is because we recently got a foster daughter.  Since she is here I cannot just go "hide" in my sewing room, I need to be present.

So needless to say sewing time has been cut down.  I have a few minis I know what I am going to do, but just haven't started them.  I joined about three different swaps on instagram!

20 February 2015

Lots of love

I stayed up late doing some quilting

I dislike quilting on my personal machine unless it's straight stitching, which this wasn't!

Binding! And you can see the back here

Label  called this quilt lots of love

And here is the front!  The sashing did not look that green when I bought it.  But I do like how the quilt turned out.

12 February 2015

Stash Bee - February

Cyndi asked for a woven type block.  It was an interesting block to make.

03 February 2015

Stash Bee - January Block


Last year I joined the stash bee, but wasn't very good about sharing what I did.   I am going to try to do better!

Heather asked for a Hunter's Star block.  I was intimidated by the block, because if you take a step back, then it looks really intricate, but it wasn't too bad.

23 January 2015


 I made this for Danna, who was our host daughter in 2010, she has come back multiple times to visit, and this year we were lucky enough to have her at Christmas.  I saw BOTH of these fabrics and knew I wanted to make her something.

I decided a two sided blanket.  I didn't use batting because it has flannel and a fleece type fabric.  She definitely enjoys it, which makes me happy :)

I am linking up with Richard & Tanya!

16 January 2015

Chiefs star quilt

Here is the quilt on the long arm.  I just did a meander.

 And here it is laid out.  I don't have a picture with the binding, but I used solid, red, white, yellow & black.

14 January 2015

Top done!

And here is the top all finished! I think it will be big enough for my sister & her husband (who is 6' 4") since this is our California King bed!

07 January 2015

Chiefs star quilt

 Here is step one of adding sashings.  Some of the blocks were 12.5", so that made it interesting.  I had a very hard time trying to decide how to sash it. 

I am linking up to design wall Monday

01 January 2015

Table runner #3

 I believe I shared this exact same table runner already!! But this was the 3rd one my mother in law got, I also gave one similar to my sister in law.  Hers only had 3 presents, I wasn't sure how long her table was.

I was so excited to give these as Christmas presents, I am going to try to make more home made things from now on.  I just need to start sooner in the year :)

31 December 2014

Stash bee 2014

I joined stash bee this year. I asked for star blocks in red, white, yellow or block. 

These are the lovely blocks I received. I added a few of my own. But here it is laid out. I wanted to make a Kansas City Chiefs quilt for my sister & her husband.  So I added the large KC to the center.

27 December 2014

Table runner #2

Here is the fall table runner I made for my mother in law. 

This one has a story. I posted pictures of some leaves I had made in the spring. I made them into a runner, well actually two. I knew where they were in my sewing room until I went to quilt them!

I searched high and low and just could not find them! So I ended up making the one you see above.

Well last night I finished the binding on a quilt. I didn't have any other pressing projects, so I decided to clean up my sewing room. Instead of organizing strips as I cut them I just leave them in a pile. As I was putting them away you'll never guess what I found! The original two table runners!

I was quite amused.