07 March 2010

More sewing this weekend!

I have spent almost all of today sewing. Later comes the grading :(

Today I made:
a reusable bag
a head wrap for after the shower (no pictures of that)
block 3 of the quilt a long

So here are your pictures!Here is block 3 for the quilt swap!This is the reusable bag I made
It has nice lining, and it could technically be turned inside out!

The head wrap is for use after a shower. My host daughter has one, I thought it was pretty cool, and I had a small towel that I don't really use (too big for the kitchen too small for the bathroom) so the only part I had to sew was the top, because I used the edges of the towel.

I also got some work done on my next string x quilt, or my blocks for them!

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