27 April 2010

Quilt along

I haven't had a chance to post pictures in a while, I didn't get a lot done weekend before last, but I got a few blocks made this past weekend. This weekend is a 4 day weekend, so I hope to get some sewing done tonight, but we will see how busy I end up being.

Here are the blocks I have been working on. I also have a quilt top that is about 70% done, but I don't have any pictures of it. Maybe this weekend :p

This is BY far my favorite block so far! ^ I am not sure if it's the colors or the pattern!

I hope you all are having a good evening!

11 April 2010

Finally sewing again!

I have finally gotten back into the swing of things!!
I have missed sewing, it's been about a month, and it's a month too long! especially when I spend most weekends sewing!

While I was at a friends over Spring break I saw this (baby?) quilt on their couch, and I thought the design was SO cute!! So I decided to make a quilt like it! And since I just got birthday money, I decided to spend it on fabric (which I haven't done since Valentine's day!)
And this is what came of it. . .and you get a mini tutorial. . .I say mini because it's not 100% done.

Here is my fabric. I just got a yard of each except for the brown I got 2 1/2 yards. (no reason, it was just a piece on the bolt)Cut into strips that are 2 1/2" wide. Then sew together. The width and number of strips can be changed. I chose 4 strips, but you could do 5, your squares would be bigger.

Then using the 45° angle cut triangles out. I used two rulers to make it "perfect"
Then out of the brown (that I had more of) I cut 12.5" squares and cut those in half, and sewed them to the other triangles and this is what I have so far.

So any ideas of what to name this quilt?

And of course I had helpers ;)
And I can't do anything without them!

I also got a block done for my quilt along (well one of them), I am working on this project instead, don't get me wrong, I will get them done, it will probably be next weekend. Because I am going to finish this one up today (I might get the top all done.)