29 May 2010

Summer vacation!

So I signed up for a fabric exchange, basically you put as much fabric as possible into a gallon size ziplock bag. Here is the fabric that I received. I decided to do it as a pinwheel sampler, especially since I have already done these blocks for my own quilt sampler. I must say, I REALLY like the way this is coming together. The fabric I added (we could add up to 1 yard of our own fabric)
Here is my artsy fartsy attempt while sewing HSTs (half square triangles).This is a stack of 4" squares I have had for YEARS. Some of them were going to be a baby blanket, others were scraps, others were just random fabrics. I have started sewing them into light & dark HSTs.

I am still working on the pinwheel stuff, and a quilt top for Scott's grandma.


  1. Luv everything you've done! Where did you sign up for the fabric exchange? That seems like it would be so much fun?

  2. oh sorry I didn't respond!! I didn't have the settings set up to email me comments! It's on yahoo, and I don't know why I wrote fabric exchange, it's actually a quilt top exchange of sorts. . .you sew their fabric they sew yours, then send it back!

    It's on Yahoo groups, this one is for the indiana quilters groups. There are A LOT of good groups on yahoo! I would highly suggest you check it out!


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