02 June 2010

Why Do You Quilt?

I started sewing in High school, although it's always been something that interests me. I remember being a young child and watching my mom make me clothes (on the same machine I use today!)

I took sewing in 7th grade, and then the summer after that I used to sew a lot of little pillows and things. But it was High school that really got me interested. I took a sewing class. I started making clothes, then I started making a quilt for myself, and one for my grandma. And since I started college I have been making quilts for those around me.

01 June 2010

Sewing day 2

Ok so this isn't EXACTLY my second day sewing, but it's close enough ;) I got a lot done in my quilt exchange, and found about five other projects I want to start ;)So I realize the above blocks are almost identical, but the one on top originally was going to have some more HSTs, but I decided to just leave it. . .I don't like this one as much as the one I did for my pinwheel quilt (above)BUT I like this one BETTER than my block I did similar to this.
I accidentally forgot to make this one bigger (since it's only 3 blocks across instead of 4) so I added a little border.

I am up to 12 blocks, I want to make 16, but the white for the border I am almost done with it :/ I have plenty of the others left. I just hope it's enough to make the last four blocks!

I have been working on my maverick stars some more, I am still not sure what I will do with them, they are too big for sashing, and I don't like them put together, so I thought about adding a sashing, or doing them as a nine block. We'll see!