30 July 2010

Busy. . .

Well our internet went out yesterday, so that finally gave me the kick in the pants I needed to get some work done! Well that and the fact that I am going back to Iowa next week, and some of this NEEDED to be done before I go!The first thing is Becca's quilt. Becca is my best friends' 10 year old daughter, but Becca & I are also good buddies. I have known her since she was 2 months old! We share a love of Shrek, or well we used to. When I babysat for her we used to watch Shrek. I have taken her to see each of the sequels in theatres!
I let her go through all my fabric (which actually isn't as much as it used to be, I have been using a lot of it!) and pick out whatever fabrics she wanted. . .She ended up picking out about 20 fabrics, and I helped her slim it down, and showed her which ones went together and such.
Then we talked about size, and pattern, and I cut up the squares and she sewed it. It was her first time sewing! She didn't sew all of it, but did quite a bit.She chose this nice velour type fabric for her backing. I did the binding with a fabric that she REALLY liked and had originally wanted as a border, but changed her mind. (you can see that Minnie approves of the quilt!)It's not actually THAT big :/ So someday I will make her one that is bigger! I don't know why I haven't made her a quilt. . .probably because I haven't had a design that has just POPPED yet. . .I am not a machine :p I am bound by my imagination :pNow this quilt was a block exchange I was involved in. The swirly pieces (which are called snail's trail) I actually made randomly, and then thought they would fit nicely. I think they do work well! I have one more block I have to make to even them up.These are blocks that I use as enders and leaders (when I chain stitch). I have already made one top with some of them. We will see what these turn into :pThis is a pile of 4" squares made from the left overs of Becca's quilt back and my log cabin backing. I am thinking about sticking them with a flannel and making a little blanket.The colors in the picture didn't actually turn out that great. It's a pinkish/purple. And I think it compliments the blue and purple nicely.Now this is a pile of cloth wipes that I started. . .and then my serger broke :/ I have started doing the turn and stitch, but it takes so much more time! So we shall see how much longer I stick with that :p

I went to a sewing center here in town today, and they do serger repairs. It would be probably $80, which we won't be able to swing for a bit, but it's good to know, and to have it so close!

So what are you working on?


  1. very pretty projects! i wish i had a serger! i am working on getting bibs done for my etsy page and also starting in on christmas gifts. my goal is to make as many as i can this year. we'll see how it goes! if you get your serger fixed before christmas i mite beg you to finish some edges for me!! :)

  2. I wish I had a working serger :p If my serger gets fixed we might be able to swing that! I wish we lived closer!

    If you want I can link to your etsy page on here! I am all about sharing the love ;)


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