21 August 2010

Smallish update

So Jan (or sewgirl to me ;) ) asked if I had been doing any sewing recently.  And truth be told I haven't had enough time to do much.  The projects I am working on right now really need a little more time than a little time after school. 

Plus we are moving, so I need to be packing!! Today will probably be my last day to sew until we get all moved in :( I have gotten some stuff done, seen some fabric that was in a box and found so many things I want to do with it!!

Here is some thing I have had since 2005, I bought it, and started it for a friend (I had) who loves animal print.  We aren't friends anymore and I want to get rid of it!  So I will finish it up and sell it on etsy!

 This is Pepé helping me lay it out to make sure I did it right!
 Isn't he such a good helper!! and SO darn cute!
And here they both are! my little trouble makers!

Speaking of etsy, I have been buying satin binding (that was only .50c/yard) at Jo-Ann's.  I only bought a few yards, so the blankets aren't very big, but they would work for a small child or as a doll blanket.

My etsy shop

This little blanket is 18" x 18", the pink side is cotton and the back is fleece.  As a side note, the pink fabric was actually a sheet I bought when I lived in France!  My first host family was a little crazy and said that I needed to supply my own sheets!  needless to say I didn't live there long, but couldn't give up this HUGE piece of fabric!

I LOVED the spongebob Satin binding!!

I have another fleece with satin binding blanket to sew, and a bunch of other binding, but I am thinking those will have to wait until after we move.

I also have another project I will be starting once we move.  It's for my grandma.  She has these thelwell shirts a very good friend of her made for her, and they had been sitting in a box in her basement.  So we talked about making it into a wall hanging for her.  I will post pictures as I get working on it.  ALSO I have a tee-shirt quilt for my sister and my husband to get done.  I think I will have the room/time/space to do that once we move also!  My sisters would be great if I could get it done before I see her again!

I think that's all that I have gotten done lately.  OH! I did buy some fabrics the last time I went into Jo-Ann'

BUT it was all remnants! which are SO my weakness!! I can get such a selection of fabrics and for so cheap!

I hope you are having a happy weekend!

15 August 2010


I had mentioned that I was going to sell some of my baby quilts, and I have finally put some up on etsy.com!

sewcute330 etsy shop

(I also have a button on my side bar where you can click to get to my etsy shop!)

There is the dino blanket and the doggie blanket!

Thanks for checking it out!

07 August 2010

My grandma's quilt

I have pictures of my first quilt I made, but not with me at the moment (I am on Grandma's computer).  So I will post those someday.

And don't expect this many posts from me in the future ;) Although if I were to post about projects that I have done, but not posted here, well I could be posting pictures for a while :)

But today is dedicated to my grandma.

My grandma and I have been good buddies for as long as I can remember.  One summer I spent the summer with her, going to daycamp, and back with my mom on the weekends. I loved it!  I could probably write a book about the things that my grandma and I have done together.  We used to spend days together, where we would run errands together, going to lunch, and maybe getting me a "treat" at Borders.

When I really started sewing and would stay with her, I would use her antique Singer sewing machine, that actually belonged to my great-grandma.  It's a wonderful machine.  It will be mine someday :)

So onto Grandma's quilt.  I actually made most of it on her machine.  Some of it I did in school, I had originally wanted to do a G in the middle, but changed my mind on the design.  I also sewed it by rows (which I think it quite obvious ;) ), this was before I knew what a rotary cutter/blade/mat etc were, so I bought what I believe is called a charm pack, and just cut on the folds.  So they weren't all the same size, especially when you add in all the other fabrics I used.  When I started sewing I didn't have a lot of money, so I asked Grandma for old clothes, and I cut those up, and there are some of her shirts in this quilt, but also some of my grandpa's.

This quilt also includes the only cross stitch thing I have ever finished.  Basically a quilt label, but in the middle front. To finish the quilt I tied it with embroidery floss (with the help of my sister Jenny).  Grandma has loved and used this quilt a lot since I gave it to her, and that is the highest compliment to me.

I don't make quilts so they can sit in a box, or so they can sit up to be looked at, they are meant to be used!

So without anymore rambling, here are pictures!

 Here is grandma holding the quilt.  The plaid pieces are from my grandpa's old shirts.  And the floral are from some shirts that grandma gave me.  I picked out the "navajo" fabric because it's something that has interested grandma.  And truth be told I cannot tell you why I chose to use blue and whites.  It might just have been because of the navajo fabrics I found.

Here is a close up of the cross stitch.  I gave this to her 10 years ago!

And a post about my grandma wouldn't be complete without a picture of her! Love you mostest!

06 August 2010

Finished work!

I was reading through some older entries, and although I post pictures of the project as I go along, I don't always get a final project picture posted!  So these are some finished projects pictures.

 So these are Becca while she was sewing (her first time!)
 And here she is with her finished quilt.  You can tell it's not HUGE, but it should be nice for watching TV or something.
 Here is the quilt I did for (one of) my husband's grandmas.  I added a small border around it.  And the back is fleece (I will get a picture of that soon.  We picked out a black and white design.
 this is one of my favorite pictures.  I love seeing the surprise on her face!

And here she is with the finished quilt.

So those are a few things that I have finished and not shared with y'all!

Well off to lunch with my grandma!  Maybe I will post pictures of HER quilt (the first one I made for someone else - ohh! wayback machine might be coming out with pictures of old projects!)

02 August 2010

Changed my layout

Ok so this really doesn't have anything to do with sewing, but I changed my layout.  What do you think?  What do you like? What do you not like?

Thanks for your opinions!


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I don't know where this sewing bug came from!

 Those two quilts ^ are actually ones I made last summer, quilted them, just never put the binding on, why? I don't know!! So I finally did that.  I am probably going to put them on etsy (later this week).

 This is the quilt I showed the squares of last week!  Saturday night I watched fireproof and got just about the entire top done!  I was right about the fabrics going together nicely!
 Then I was thinking about what I would put on the back of it. . .I didn't know if I would have something that would fit.  Then I remembered that I had some fleece that had purple & green. . .and even though it doesn't look like it in the picture, it goes quite nicely with it.  I need to quilt them, I am going to go with a diagonal stitching, through the flannel.  Do you think I should make them criss cross? or will one set be ok?  I care more about looks than function for that quilting.

And here is the values quilt coming together!! It doesn't look like it, but it's quite small.  And I think I am going to make it square, so I will be adding some more rows to the bottom and top.  It also needs to have some more rows added to make it bigger. . .

So that's what I got finished on Saturday/Sunday. . .I am not sure how much I will be able to post in the coming future. . .Wednesday I am visiting family, and then next week I start training for my new job!  So it's going to be some busy days for me, I am not sure if I will have a lot of time to sew let alone post!

I hope you all have a GREAT Monday!