09 September 2010

It's a mystery PART deux!

So Jan was the only one that commented. . .So I am going to tease some more!

Here is what I got done tonight. . .

 Here is what the strips/strings ended up looking like once I sewed them on the foundation paper (in this case not only was I reusing old fabric, I was reusing an old phone book! and then some val*pak coupons ;) )
 Then I cut them down.  4"x6 inches. . .Getting any ideas of what I am making?

And just in case you heard foundation and strings and thought I was making a string quilt, I am here to tell you I am not. . .But I did make one last fall. . .and here ^^ is a picture of it.  It was all made of scraps or fabric that I already had and needed to do something with!

Of course it's not finished :p It's just a top, that needs a bottom. . .it will get there some day ;)

Well I need to get to bed!! It's getting late for me!


  1. Well, that WAS my guess!! This is going to drive me bonkers!

  2. And I am not sure how much time I will have to sew this weekend! So it might be next week before I can get more done with it!

  3. my guess is needle case...sorry I'm neglecting my fave blogs these days, trying to keep up with daily posts is something else.

  4. I know!! I had a few extra minutes and noticed I had missed a LOT of posts while we were moving (expected I guess) but I felt bad. . .

    it's not a needle case!


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