08 September 2010

It's a mystery!

So I WANTED to post this last night. . .But my internet was being SLOOOOW, it's still being kind of slow with Netflix this afternoon too :/ I might have to pop in a DVD instead for the time being!

But my post!

We just moved, and I was unpacking my "sewing area".  I no longer have a room, but half of the living room.  NOT that I am complaining! It's MUCH MUCH bigger than my last sewing room, and maybe bigger than my first sewing room?  But it's not a room, it's more an area. . .I do have a view of our big screen from my sewing area.

I unpacked a few things, my sewing room has always been the first thing that has been unpacked! It's the most important right?!

So I wanted to work on something but not everything is unpacked, so I couldn't just pull out one of my projects. . .

So I decided to start something, and you get some "hints" of what it is.  When I have some more done I will post the link, but I am going to be a tease for now!

On to the important stuff!! PICTURES!!

So here are two pictures of my sewing area ^^ on one side you can see my machine, computer, and some other random stuff (bottom pic) on the other you can see boxes and boxes and boxes, and my desk, which is where I will probably put our printer.  I am not 100% sure how I am going to do the rest of it (as is evident by the machine in the middle of the room :p)
And here is the mystery stuff ;) Any ideas on what you think it is?  I will tell you they are strips from my strip scrap box (that sounds weird!) But that is all I am saying ;)


  1. Good to see you have your priorities in order, and unpack the sewing first! ;) I like the idea of a area in a main living area, for interaction with the rest of the household. :) Also, I like to have a movie going while quilting/sewing, ususally something I've seen before. What do you like to watch?

    As for the mystery...I have no clue, but I like the colors. Come on, give us a little more, like how wide are the strips? Hehe, you're going to keep us hanging, aren't you?

  2. My sewing room has always been the first thing unpacked/all set up (and usually the last thing packed :p)

    I ALWAYS have a movie or something. I refuse to put a TV in our bedroom, but I HAVE to have one in my sewing room :p

    I will watch just about anything, but I prefer to watch things I have already seen, kind of like background noise. Because if it's something new, I would rather watch it and enjoy it! or enjoy my sewing instead of sewing curved lines :p

    I really like having the big TV, because it has the Wii & the netflix hooked up to it, but the netflix is being kind of stupid right now!

    the strips were from my scrap box, so various. I will post another picture later tonight. But I am going to keep you guessing :)


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