12 September 2010

It's no longer a mystery!

 Well it's no longer a mystery. . .I will give it away!

String Spool Tutorial
So here is my brown block with the sides added. . .I chose purple a) because I LOVE purple and this is for *my* sewing room! b) because I got a GREAT deal on the fabric at Hobby Lobby!
And here are some of the finished blocks.  I wanted a white for the spools, but I didn't find a white I liked, so I went with a light brown. . .I am also going to do them a little different than hers, I am going to make them look like there are on a "shelf" with dark brown fabric between the rows of spools!

From making the spools I had some triangles, so I made some pinwheels!  they are pretty small as you can see by the mat! Barely 2"! I might incorporate these into it some how.


  1. I would have never guessed!!! I LOVE IT! What a great idea about doing it for your sewing room and making it look like it's on a shelf! Also, very impressed with the TINY pinwheels!

  2. The pinwheels weren't that bad.

    I really want to finish it RIGHTNOW but with work and all it will have to wait :)

  3. WOW those are some teeny tiny pinwheels...can't wait to see how you incorporate them!!

  4. you know what's funny Heather?!

    YOU commented on that string spool tutorial post!

  5. Cool. Yours look great. It is a great way to use up scraps. A magazine in Europe picked up my idea and is going to publish it in their sewing articles. I'm so glad to see you and others use this idea.


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