01 September 2010

Way back machine

Well we have fully moved, in that all of our "junk" is in one place now.  Now it's time to unpack, and once my sewing room is "up and running" then I will post pictures of it.  For now though it's time to take a trip into the "way back machine".

We're going to go "way back" to my first quilt, and some of my high school sewing projects.

I posted a while ago about how I got started sewing, so hopefully this is the pictorial about how I got started ;)

 This is my first quilt.  It is similar to my grandma's quilt in that it has some old Tee-shirts.  Some were her shirts, one was grandpa's. . .
 most of the time it sits in a bag, which I know goes against everything I said about quilts I give people. . .but it's special to me. . .and SO not straight as you can see by this pic :p It's hard to explain. . .I am sure once we have kids it will be a good blanket to throw on the floor under the baby.  It's filled with pretty thick batting.
 These are some pajama's I made.  I STILL wear them!! I love them!
These were just some cute pjs.  I still have them, but don't wear them as often.

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