26 September 2010


 So today I met up with Heather today and she took me to my first real quilt shop.  From the time I started sewing Jo-Ann's was where I usually bought fabric.  But I think I might explore a little bit.  Next weekend there is a shop hop, that I might do!

 The shop was Needle & Thread.  I liked it a lot!! Not only was the woman working very friendly, they had some of the cutest patterns!! But I was good.  And didn't buy fabric.

These are some finished projects that I saw and want to somehow reproduce myself!

Those are NOT pictures printed on fabric, there are little corners to hold the pictures in there!! I would LOVE to make some of those! Hello Christmas presents!
I want to know what pattern this is!
And these! I really liked them both.  And as I went shopping through I found out that they are actually made the same way!! And I did BUY something. . .
The template for X-blocks!  Now I know I technically could have probably done this on my own, but I think it will work a lot better with this!!  And this is where I show you a mini tutorial on how to make X-blocks (the pattern is called pocketful of posies I believe)

While at one shop I saw a very neat nine patch with Halloween fabrics, and I realized that I have Halloween blocks and I could make something similar to that.  And then I got home, and realized that I could use the Halloween fabric to make the X-blocks!

Now I cut my fabric into 3 1/4" squares, now this could also be done with strips.  But I had bought some little pieces of fabric at a shop 9"x14", so I wouldn't have been able to get much of a strip!

I was going to use a purple Hallowen fabrics for the inside square, and then I realized I had a solid purple I could use!! Thanks Kathy!!

So you sew your fabrics into a 9 patch (I will try to remember to explain how I laid out my squares and why these are in the order they are in)

Then you put the template on the nine patch and match the lines.  I was using the solid lines.

And this is what your finished block looks like!

You do end up with some left overs, but I think you'll see them again ;)

I only made 4 blocks.  I didn't run out of my off white, but I am going to need to get some more, and I didn't want the new to all be with new, so I couldn't make many more tonight.

Hopefully you can see the pinwheel in there.  When it's all done there will be a black pinwheel and orange pinwheel.

Now what to do with my first Halloween quilt?!

I hope you all have an awesome Sunday!


  1. Even before you said it, I thought, "I see a pinwheel coming!" I really like this! You're making pinwheels with NO half square triangles..WooHoooooo! :)) Hope you're having a good Sunday, and I wish I was close enough to shop hop with ya. ;)

  2. I don't mind HSTs!!

    And I should tell you about the way my friend Heather told me.

    You take two squares. Sew around all four sides. Then cut an x. voila! 4 HSTs!

    Maybe I will have to make a trip out next summer?

  3. wow...I can see why you want to reproduce it, it is lovely.

  4. @Barb I just love how they look! and when I googled them, I found quite a bit of interesting patterns, I think this will become my most used pattern :)

  5. THAT is about the coolest. I'm not usually into orange, but have to tell you it's an awesome combination. Now that I've seen what you've done with it, I might have to go back and get the template LOL. The husbands aren't going to let us shop together anymore!!

  6. I am not into orange either, but it works for Halloween ;)

    I could let you borrow my ruler :P Then you wouldn't get in trouble ;) although I think it could be easier replicated with any square ruler. or you could end make a template of your own.


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