29 December 2010

Finished Tetris Quilt!

 I showed a few teaser pictures of the Tetris quilt, but here it is all finished!
 I added a little black/grey  border to the outside to make it look like the game :)
 Here is the recipient on Christmas morning!
 And here it is being used! this is my favorite kind of picture to see! I love it when the things I have made are being used :) That's why I make things! so people use them!! Thanks for getting me the pictures Hollie!!

28 December 2010

Biggest dog bed!

 I said I would post pictures of the finished dog bed, and here it is!  With the puppy on it :)n It fit him quite well!! of course, it being fleece it slid all over the place..
 Here is another picture of the dog bed, but this time with a cat on it :) this is my parents cat Abby.  She was testing out the bed for Bo.

And since I am showing pictures of pets and beds I figuredi t was only fair to show off Sophie!.  She is laying in a fleece tye blanket I made for my sister on top of her Red white and blue quilt.

21 December 2010

Christmas sewing!

I made this last year for my husband's grandma.  It's actually double sided.  The other side is a thanksgiving side.  I don't have a picture of that though.

And these are little ornaments I made for the ladies in my department.  I hope they like them!

I am working on my "roll roll cotton ball quilt" and cleaning up!  Because my sewing room got kind of messy!  I rearranged since I got my serger back, and I am quite happy about that :)

I hope you all have a good Christmas!

20 December 2010

Biggest dog bed

When I asked about thR biggest sewn thing, I wasn't really thinking quilts…cause I have made some big ones!

The doggie bed is the biggest non quilt thing I have done.

Which I got done with tonight! I am quite happy with it. I think the kitties like it too. So I hope that transfers over to a puppy ;)

I am not posting pictures of the dog bed until after Christmas.

I also have another gift that made it safe, but again no pictures Til after Christmas :p

I have something small I want to do tomorrow. And hopefully I can get pics of that up.

12 December 2010

Little sewing crazy. . .

 Last winter my serger broke.  I think I had been trying to sew through too many layers of fabric.  Or maybe it was just old and needed a tune up.  Well it FINALLY got it!! And I got it back on Friday, but I wasn't able to use it until today.  And use it I did!!

I made one all flannel cloth pad (I would have made more, but this had green, and my machine had green thread on it. (this lone pad will be going on etsy, but I thought I would let you know about it first.  If someone is interested in trying out cloth pads, let me know! I can make more! I have plenty cut!)

Then I made some "mixed" pads for me.  IE they aren't ALL flannel.  There is flannel on one side, PUL on the inside, and another fabric, well I can't remember the name of it right now, but I LOVE it in my cloth pads!!

And last but not least A BUNCH of cloth wipes! I only have 13 here, because like the flannel pad above, I had green thread on the machine, so I sewed everything that was green :) These all have flannel on one side, and varying fabrics on the other.  Terry cloth, sherpa and fleece.  (I am going to put this for sale on either etsy or ebay, so if you would like them, or know someone that would, let me know, I can make a deal :) )

I am almost done with the Tetris quilt, I just forgot to get a picture of it.  And I am still chugging away at my quiltville mystery quilt.

Now that my serger is fixed, I need to rearranged my sewing area so I can have both my machines up. . .I am not exactly sure how I will do this. . .but I am sure I will get it figured out :)

I hope y'all have a good week! and if you're up north (like me!) try not to freeze!

Biggest thing you have sewn?

 This is definitely one of the biggest things I have sewn!! I have also done a window seat cushion, which was longer, but not quite this wide :)

This is a dog bed for my sister's dog.  He is a German Shepard/Pyrenese Mix! So he is a big dog! They have had some problems finding a bed big enough for him.  So I decided to make him one!  Here he is!

And here is the bed for him.  It's 30" wide by 60" long.  It's almost to the ground if you can't tell.  Minnie was lots of help making this :) This isn't the final project.  Right now, I took a King Batting, folded it up, and then used some embroidery thread to keep it together.  Then I made a "case" for it.

I am going to make a cover for it.  But I am not going to share that picture until after he gets it!

And the next thing is the 8.5" strings I am working on for the quiltville mystery quilt.  I LOVE the way they look!! I want to make a HUGE string quilt now!!

 I have more that I am working on, but I wanted to get the main pillow done tonight.  And I haven't posted much lately! so I thought I would share this one little thing!!

07 December 2010

BOM & Mystery quilt

 Block of the month and random sewing progresses. . .

Here is the block for December. . .I don't actually like it that much :p but I was able to use things other than my dotted fabric that I have no more of!

And here are all 5 blocks so far!

Here is what I have been working on. . .it's for the quiltville mystery quilt. . .I finished all the little 2" pieces! Those were annoying!! And now it's making a bunch (120!!) HSTs that are pink & brown.  I have about 50 :( And I am also working on these (pictured) blocks now.  They are 8.5" square, but they are done as string blocks, which is why it looks the way it does. . .I have to make 60 of them, so I think I am going to wait to trim them, while I watch a movie or something.  Because there is going to be a lot of them!!

I realized while doing these blocks (which are to be neutrals) I don't have many neutrals, whether it's white or cream. . .I am not sure why.  Maybe it's cause I like colors so much?

I am also done making all the rows for the Tetris Quilt.  I still need to find the perfect backing!

I am still working on my basket weave quilt, I just need to get it laid out.  Tomorrow I think will work well for that :)

I believe that is all from me.  I hope you are all having a good evening!