12 December 2010

Biggest thing you have sewn?

 This is definitely one of the biggest things I have sewn!! I have also done a window seat cushion, which was longer, but not quite this wide :)

This is a dog bed for my sister's dog.  He is a German Shepard/Pyrenese Mix! So he is a big dog! They have had some problems finding a bed big enough for him.  So I decided to make him one!  Here he is!

And here is the bed for him.  It's 30" wide by 60" long.  It's almost to the ground if you can't tell.  Minnie was lots of help making this :) This isn't the final project.  Right now, I took a King Batting, folded it up, and then used some embroidery thread to keep it together.  Then I made a "case" for it.

I am going to make a cover for it.  But I am not going to share that picture until after he gets it!

And the next thing is the 8.5" strings I am working on for the quiltville mystery quilt.  I LOVE the way they look!! I want to make a HUGE string quilt now!!

 I have more that I am working on, but I wanted to get the main pillow done tonight.  And I haven't posted much lately! so I thought I would share this one little thing!!

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