07 December 2010

BOM & Mystery quilt

 Block of the month and random sewing progresses. . .

Here is the block for December. . .I don't actually like it that much :p but I was able to use things other than my dotted fabric that I have no more of!

And here are all 5 blocks so far!

Here is what I have been working on. . .it's for the quiltville mystery quilt. . .I finished all the little 2" pieces! Those were annoying!! And now it's making a bunch (120!!) HSTs that are pink & brown.  I have about 50 :( And I am also working on these (pictured) blocks now.  They are 8.5" square, but they are done as string blocks, which is why it looks the way it does. . .I have to make 60 of them, so I think I am going to wait to trim them, while I watch a movie or something.  Because there is going to be a lot of them!!

I realized while doing these blocks (which are to be neutrals) I don't have many neutrals, whether it's white or cream. . .I am not sure why.  Maybe it's cause I like colors so much?

I am also done making all the rows for the Tetris Quilt.  I still need to find the perfect backing!

I am still working on my basket weave quilt, I just need to get it laid out.  Tomorrow I think will work well for that :)

I believe that is all from me.  I hope you are all having a good evening!

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