26 April 2011

Basket strings

I started this last fall.  I haven't posted many pictures of it, so I am not going to link you, but I had about 100 (at least) 4.5 string blocks.  and I started putting them together, and I went a little overboard and ended up making it QUITE a bit bigger than I had planned!

Just to give you a little size reference, we have a california king sized bed!  It's actually a lot wider and long than I had planned.

It's actually the first thing I have made on point.  I like it, it's just different and new for me :)  Hopefully I can get some more basket string blocks made and get it finished soon.  I also want to finish some baby blankets to put them on my etsy shop.

25 April 2011

Quilt for grandma

So my grandma has these shirts that a good friend of hers embroidered, and they have been sitting in a box, and so we decided that a quilt would be a good way for her to still have them as opposed to sitting in a box.

There are 7 shirts, so I had to add some patchwork (of my own) to it.  And Grandma didn't know what kind of design to do.  So I made up a few for her to look at.

None of these designs are set in stone.  This was me playing around in photoshop, just getting some ideas.
This is a rail fence block.  I probably wouldn't make it so scrappy.  I don't like it scrappy as much.

This is a snail's block.  I LOVE the snail's trail block!  So I had to throw one of those in there :)

And this is the snails trail, but with a few of them put together.

And a simple nine patch.

And a pinwheel.  I love pinwheels :) I think this is the one that grandma likes best.  But with the border of the second one, except in red & white instead of the green & white.

What do you all think? what would you have done?

22 April 2011

It's been far too long!

It has been WAAAY too long!! I am sorry I haven't posted.  Although I haven't had a lot to report.  I did not use my sewing machine for almost 2 months, from January til March. . .and I have been working on things, but I don't feel done enough to post pictures!  I will hopefully have time to get a picture post of what I was working on late tonight (Friday morning ;) ) But to tide you over I have some pictures of my sewing area.

I was talking with Jan and we were discussing our sewing rooms. . .And I decided to show her my messy area!

 These are a bunch of tubs with fabric, I don't have the shelves I have used in the past to put my fabric on, so it's just kind of in boxes.
 This is the other side.  My computer, machines, and main table I use.  It's kind of hard to see in the picture, but under the table I have 2 plastic storage bins.  I stole Bonnie Hunter's ideas for some of my scraps.  When I have pieces that I can't use anymore I cut them up into strips, 1.5", 2", 2.5" & 3".  Then in the one next to it, I have my values quilt parts, and just some other random bits.  It's amazing how much those little plastic things have helped!
 These are my dollar store bins.  I love them, not the color so much :p But they are great for scraps.  I can put them there and pull them as I need them for leaders and enders.
 Jan showed me a picture of her scraps, thinking that my bin above was all I had :P So I had to show her the rest of it :) This is one of those space bags. . .I stuffed it as full as I could of scraps. . .
 And it wasn't even all of it! These are all my "crumbs" since moving!
 And since I ran out of room in the bag, I found a box that had some room and shoved them in the bottom!
 And then my strips scrap box!
And last but not least my LARGE pile of 4" squares.  Which I am still trying to use all of :p

Ok back to sewing :) I hope you enjoyed seeing my sewing area, and some of my scraps :)