29 June 2011


 Tonight one of the towns nearby was doing a movie in the park (Shrek forever after :D) and I decided to go.  And I emailed Heather to see if she wanted to bring her family along.

So she suggested before the movie, while hanging out, that she teach me how to appliqué, which is something that I have wanted to learn how to do, but I do best learning things I have never seen in person (rather than a book or video).

So I started this block!  My head hurt after doing just this little piece :p But I definitely like it.  And will finish it up.  I prefer sewing by machine to handstitching, but it would give me something to do while watching TV or other things when I can't take my machine along :)

11 June 2011

Coco & Caramel

I have a friend that wanted to learn how to quilt, and she decided to do this pattern (I am not sure of the name, it was called coco & Caramel in the magazine)

This is her first quilt, it's not all finished, we have to put it all together, but I helped :) so I figure I can share a picture of it :)

It's really big so I can't post the WHOLE thing right now, but you can get the general idea!  Don't you just love it!  I wasn't sure about the colors she picked out, but WOW!! once it was put together!! It's AWESOME!!!