10 November 2011

Sewing machine

(I just found a blogger app for my iPhone! I should be able to post ALL the time now :) )

I'm not sure if I've ever talked about my sewing machine(s). My main machine (which I don't have a picture of) used to be my moms. I stole it in high school, and she hasn't gotten it back.

But I remember when I was younger she would sew on it. Mainly clothes for me! They were SO cute! They even lasted so my sisters could wear them!

Well I went to DC over the summer and was able to visit my oldest friend, we've known each other 24 years!! (that's most of my life!) well I took my machine, because we love to see together. (we used to have sewing parties in high school. We'd get together and sew the night away!)

When we got to sewing, she pulled her machine out. One of those tiny plastic ones. I was shocked! So when I left, I left her my machine so she could sew. She told me she knows how long I've had it, and she can't take it, but I told her it wouldn't be forever and I have a machine at home.

which is what this post is about :)

I bought this machine over 10 years ago when I was in high school. I had a job and of course back then didn't save quite as much as I should have, but spent most of it at Jo-Ann's. Well this machine I bought off eBay. It was actually a really good deal $40 in a cabinet.

Until I got the shipping charges! $120!

But now I look back and even thought I should have saved my money, I do have a beautiful machine now, and it runs well :)

I'm just adjusting to it. It's different than my other (Montgomery ward). But I'd like to think we're adjusting well.

I'll post another day about my other machines :)

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