26 December 2012

Two fabric quilt.

For the past few months I've been posting blocks for the two color quilt I have been working on.

I was able to finish it for Christmas! I received a little bit of fabric, which was enough for the binding.

So without further ado : Tim's quilt.

24 December 2012

Christmas present

I love meandering!!! It's do calming. An easy!

22 December 2012


I have a friend who asked me to make stockings for her family.

Here is all five of them.

 This is the mom's stocking.  She likes purple, so I made sure hers had lots of purple!

This is the little girls stocking.

This is the little boys stocking.

this is the dads stocking.

And this is the oldest boys stocking.

21 December 2012


So I have a few UFOs, but I have things I want to start, and I don't always start them because I feel guilty about my UFOs, but Barbara at catpatches is hosting NewFO.  So I am going to list projects I would like to start, so that I can come back and keep myself accountable and START them!

1. Fat cats quilt.I got this ruler for Christmas two years ago! I want to make it!  So one of my goals for this year is to get this quilt done!  Just googling fat cat ruler there are SO many cute ideas I could do!

2. Easy Street.  Bonnie Hunter started a mystery this year called Easy street.  I would really like to do it, since I haven't completed a mystery of hers yet!  This one seems like fun, plus it will help me practice flying geese which I am not too fond of.

3. Heart Quilt.  I love heart blocks and I would like to make a quilt full of quilt blocks.  I have already started laying out how my design will be. I even have an idea of who I will give it to ;)

20 December 2012

Two fabric quilt block 13, 14 & 15

I don't have a name for this block, but it's pinwheels! you can't go wrong with that!

Winged arrow.

I didn't find a name for this one online.

19 December 2012


I have been following Bonnie Hunter since I got a blog.  I have used a few of her patterns, or tweaked them to make them my own.  I semi follow her scrap system (I don't have enough space to do more than I have now).  Bonnie talks about using "leaders and enders" which is actually something I saw on Fons and Porter, basically you always have something on your machine, you don't sew off the item, you keep adding something.  I like it because it saves on thread.

Well Bonnie talked about using bow tie blocks as leaders and enders (here). I didn't see it until the fall of this year though (here) and I decided that I wanted to make one!  So I have started one.  Of course I am not in love with cheddar like Bonnie is, but I do love purple, so I chose to use a solid purple.

I do not have pictures yet, because school has been crazy, and I have been trying to get presents for Christmas done (the ones that aren't being sewn.)

17 December 2012

Stocking test run

I had a friend who asked me to make stockings for her family, I also wanted to make some for my husband and I.  so I decided to use some scraps around the house to make up a mock one, just to decide how I was going to put it together, and this is what I came up with:

I tweaked the shape a little bit for my next one.  But I am excited to make them for my husband and myself! His shall have colts fabric, and mine shall have lots of purple. 

I think the only thing I would do differently from this one, is to try a French seam on it, because I had to do a seam on the outside just to make sure it would stay together (the inside wouldn't "come out").

16 December 2012

Long arm part 2

I got three things finished on the long arm this week. One I already showed. So this is the second.

This actually started as a way for me to practice a table runner. So I basically sewed three table runners together :p

I just did a meander on it.  I love meandering!

Here you can see what the back looks like.  It doesn't necessarily match but it's pretty!

15 December 2012

Long arm quilting

Well my UFO list is getting smaller, but my to bind quilt is getting longer!

I made this quilt in 2010, I used all fabric from my stash.

14 December 2012

Sitting on the long arm

So I rented the long arm from Needle & thread last night. I needed to finish up a Christmas present and then also to get some UFOs finished!

I finished the Christmas present, and I was able to start another one.But closing time was near and since I'm renting the machine again Saturday they said I could leave it there.

So here's my quilt waiting to be finished!

Block sent

Agnes said she wanted a patchwork block. I asked if she had a preference, she suggested the following:

She asked for some of the following colors: Cream, brown, gold, red, green, any old fashioned/ civil war reproduction type fabrics.

I hope you enjoy it Agnes!

13 December 2012

Two color quilt block 11 & 12

I believe this one is called a double "z" block.  I like the way the colors against the white look.

This one is a bunch of hour glass blocks.  I think I might have liked it more if I would have made the colored fabric the background color. 

12 December 2012

Block swap adventure

This is my December block for Kim.  This block is called garden patch block. I tried to do it without paper piecing (or using a template) but I couldn't do it. It's a pretty block though!

 I hope you enjoy it Kim!

10 December 2012

Missing fabric update

Well I was unable to find the fabric I needed. No one I knew had any, and one employee at Joann's told me she remembered it going on clearance, which means I'm out of luck :(

I did find this one fabric at wal-mart, that I'd thought about using in the border. (You can see the shades are similar, but the wal-mart print was definitely more green.

But I think I've found a layout that shall work. And once it's done I'll share it with you all :)

08 December 2012

Sewing tonight…this weekend!

I'm excited I'm spending most of the weekend sewing. I need to get things ready for the long arm next week!! Hopefully I can get rid of three or four UFOs!

Watching old episodes of law & order. Enjoying myself too much to head to bed right now!!

06 December 2012

Two fabric quilt block 9 & 10

This block is a bunch of bow tie blocks put together! I love it!  It almost looks like a bunch of circles!

This one I believe is called an amish square.  Or that is one name I found online. 

04 December 2012

On the search for fabric. . .

Hello! I have been posting about my two fabric quilt on Thursdays, well the darker fabric I picked, I ran out of, and even after being to 5 Jo-Ann stores, I cannot find it ANYWHERE!!

So I was wondering if a) anyone else has happened to see it at a Jo-Ann's and could get me the SKU b) anyone has some at their home they would be willing to sell me?

I was hoping to finish this quilt by Christmas, but I am not sure what I will do now that I have run out of a key fabric (I really thought I had enough!)

Here is a picture of the fabric.  It's brown with green and blue dots/circles.  This was NOT a clearance fabric.  I bought it off their calico wall.

(I don't even have enough fabric at home to take a picture of just the fabric!)

Thank you SO much!

Long arm part 4

 This is going to be my last post about my long arm practice quilt. 

Bonnie hunter did a quilt with spider webs, so I thought I would try one! it's a toughie (hers was a pantograph)

 Here is some hearts I did along with some fill I practiced.

These last three are my favorites.  I didn't have a pattern for this one, but I did end up seeing it online other places, but I love the swirl and the flower!

03 December 2012

Free fabric

I love fabric. I'm betting most people that sew do! A family friend was downsizing their fabric stash and offered it to me! Of course I said yes!

There is a wide variety of fabrics here! Cottons, fleece, velveteen, polyester, etc. it's fun going through it and trying to decide what I'm going to do with it! But I can guarantee these will be seen again!

I have already cut some of it up.  But I am not going to tell you what for - just yet :)

30 November 2012

long arm part 3

Here is part 3 of my long arming adventures!  I really enjoyed just playing and getting to know the machine.

I really want to be able to do flowers well!! so I will keep trying them!

Here you can see the bumps I did, and the fill-ins I tried.  Then below I tried some loops, again the motion of the machine gives me issues.

I kind of like these hearts :)

Trying more loops.  they ended up more like hearts because when I would go through and to they I would over compensate!

29 November 2012

Long arm part 2

Here is part 2 of my long arming.  (This was a BIG quilt!)

Here you can see some pebbling I did.  I thought that was kind of boring.  I have also found I do not like heavy quilting.  Pebbling was too close for me.  Then next to it is a flower I tried to do, I found it online, and LOVED it! but I couldn't get it to look as pretty as the others I had found.  Again I think once I get used to the feel of the machine it will be easier.

Here I practiced some writing, Melissa loves Scott (Although I didn't go back and dot my i).

Here is some more writing I did.  Along with trying to draw a flower.  I LOVE all the flowers I see, but I am not that good at them!  Then You can also see some swirls/snails I did.

Here I just did some x's and practiced more swirls/snails.

Two fabric quilt block 7 & 8

While I was in the DC area I got quite a bit of sewing done.  It's tough to sew when you travel, because you never know how much to bring.  I ended up being just a little short, but I still got quite a bit done!

 Churn dash.  I enjoyed making this block.  I think it would make a great ispy quilt!

Ohio star (done correctly!) Although when I did it, I did it wrong and had to rip half of it out to get the "star" to be going the right way.  I could see this one being pretty as a three color way block.