21 January 2012

From shirts to quilt top

My grandma has these shirts (like a light jean material) that a friend embroidered for her in the 70's/80's.

Instead of keeping them in a box we decided to make it into a quilt top!

Grandma was pleasantly surprised (that is an understatement!) when she received it on Thursday! Which of course makes me happy!


  1. My mom was the one that made those shirts for your Grandma, who she always affectionately called Beakler, maybe because they had the same first name. She loved you grandma very much and would be so proud to see those shirts made into a quilt. SHe also loved to quilt, so that makes it even more special. Thank you so much for making that beautiful quilt out of the shirts. I can still see my mom sitting on the couch making those for your grandma.

  2. I am glad that grandma is able to keep them with her (and still use them) and I am excited to hear that your mom loved to quilt! that does make it more special!


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