29 February 2012


I just found out that all emails as responses to my commments were being sent to an email address a) I had forgotten I'd created & b) never checked. I checked it tonight and I had quite a few comment responses! I feel bad! There were a lot from over a year ago! I'm sorry if you have ever replied to a comment and I never responded!

Plastic grocery bag holder

For the most part I use reusable grocery bags. But somehow I still end up with five billion and one plastic bags!

I have taken some and started making yarn, so I can crochet a bag out of them. But the rest were just in a bag hanging off a door handle.

Well I decided I wanted one of those bags you put them in. But of course I have to make it myself.

I cut up some fabric from my stash and made 2.

Here is one filled with bags.

I think next time I'll make it skinnier. I thought this would be too skinny as it was!

28 February 2012

12 UFOs for the year

I have seen a few people online that are doing 12 UFOs (Unfinished objects) in the year. One a month. I was hoping to do this also, but here it is the end of February and I haven't even finished one UFO! Now don't get me wrong, I have finished 2 projects so far this year, BUT those were WIPs (works in progress), things that I have been working on for a while.

I realized when I was using my MILs featherweight that my Singer 99 would be able to sew through jean material. I started this quilt in March 2008! So when I get it done it will have taken me 3 years to finish! But my Montgomery Ward couldn't sew through the four layers of jean at parts of it! But my 99k blew right through it! I have gotten quite a bit of it done tonight! I am excited for this! I have always wanted to make a jean quilt!

Here are some pictures of it! I didn't do anything planned, it's all random, so sometimes there are the same color next to each other. But it's going to be wonderful!

Here it is just laid out.

And this fabric is what started the whole thing! spools of thread!

27 February 2012

Jenny's couch quilt - teaser!

My sister asked me to make her a couch quilt.  The only requirement was that it was blue & brown.  I felt bad that my sister asked for this last summer, and it's taken me almost a year to get it done! 

I talked to her last week and she told me it was fine that it's taken a while because she knows that when she gets it, it will be the best ever!

But I finally got it done tonight!! I am not going to post full pictures of it, until she gets it :)  but I do have a teaser pic!

Here is a snapshot while I was stitching the binding on!

18 February 2012

Sewing groups!

I have never actually sewn with a group of women.  I have sewn with a friend, or with a class, but in the class we weren't working on the same thing.

Well last weekend my mother in laws church was having a sewing get together, to sew bibs.  As soon as I found out, I wanted to go!  But since I am letting my friend borrow my machine that is portable I was afraid I wouldn't be able to participate.  But MIL told me I could use her featherweight!

So I sewed bibs last weekend!

Here is the pile of finished ones!

My goal for this weekend is to finish up my jean quilt (if I can find it!) finish cleaning up my fabric, and maybe make a rag animal.

I want to make a small bag for my ipad, but I don't have the case yet, so I don't know the size of it!  hopefully this weekend!

01 February 2012

Give away!

Sorry no give aways here! But my friend heather has one on her blog!

retro fabulous

It's gorgeous!