18 February 2012

Sewing groups!

I have never actually sewn with a group of women.  I have sewn with a friend, or with a class, but in the class we weren't working on the same thing.

Well last weekend my mother in laws church was having a sewing get together, to sew bibs.  As soon as I found out, I wanted to go!  But since I am letting my friend borrow my machine that is portable I was afraid I wouldn't be able to participate.  But MIL told me I could use her featherweight!

So I sewed bibs last weekend!

Here is the pile of finished ones!

My goal for this weekend is to finish up my jean quilt (if I can find it!) finish cleaning up my fabric, and maybe make a rag animal.

I want to make a small bag for my ipad, but I don't have the case yet, so I don't know the size of it!  hopefully this weekend!

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