02 March 2012

Jenny's couch Quilt

Well Jenny got her couch quilt!  So I can post pictures of it ;)

I found this pattern in one of my quilting magazines, quilters world.  I did it a little different.  I made it scrappy.  As I said before Jenny wanted blues and browns.

This is Minnie helping me sew the binding on!

I know this is similar other pictures, but I think the one is closest in color.

This was my first real foray into flying geese.  I don't like them.  I know you can't tell here, but not all of my points matched up.  I don't know if you can tell, but there is some Colts fabric in the flying geese.  My sister & her fiancé are Kansas City Chiefs fans.  So I thought I'd be sassy and put some of that in there for them :)

This is one of my favorite blocks.  The blue is actually one of my grandpa's old shirts from when he worked at Roto Rooter.  I even used some of it in the flying geese units, the fabric was from where his name had been embroidered.

Just a corner shot

The whole Quilt laid out, this was actually before I put the binding on.  I am not sure if you can tell but my little inspector (Minnie) is there :)

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