22 March 2012

Tee shirt rag quilt

I finished my sisters tee shirt quilt! I can't wait to share pics! It's going in the mail tomorrow!

My goals this weekend are to work on my tee shirt quilt, which I'm doing as a rag quilt! This afternoon I went through boxes trying to find my box of high school shirts. While I was going through I also found some pants I bought in high school, which will look great in a jean quilt (I'm almost done with mine!)

I also found some of the clothes I made in high school. My favorites were my panné pants I made. I had them in EVERY color! Three blues, black, green, two purples, I'm sure I had more!

And the picture of the cow was our French club tee shirt!


  1. I am going to do a tee shirt quilt from my husbands old (some new) harley davidson shirts. He also collected In-n-out shirts!

    1. I'm sure that will be cool! Don't they have Harley fabric?


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