09 May 2012

Jacobs ladder

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PhotobucketWhich is a block exchange.  you get a new partner each month, and you make a block for them, and they make a block for you.  My first partner (april 2012) didn't specify which block, but what colors, her colors were "Greens and teals, blacks, reds".  I think I spent more time looking for fabrics than actually sewing!  I had greens, but no teals.  I had a few blacks, and a few reds, but nothing that really went together.  Well finally I found the fabric that you will see.  I thought they went together nicely!

So the next thing I had to decide, was which block to do!  I searched for blocks that were 12.5" (a requirement of the swap).  I finally decided on a Jacobs ladder.  And I LOVED it!! I have wanted to make one for a while, so I did!

I couldn't find any really good instructions on it, so I decided to write one up myself!  This will I believe be my first FINISHED tutorial!  I have started a few, but not finished them! (I need to quit being such a slacker!)

 You need strips, ok you don't need strips, but I like to do strips.  They are 4 7/8" and 2 1/2".
 You cut them into squares, so this is the 4 7/8"
 Here are the 4 7/8" squares
 And the 2 1/2" squares
 Take one light and one dark 4 7/8" square and draw a diagonal line from one corner to the other.
 Then sew 1/4" seam on both sides of the line.
With your 2 1/2" squares sew them in twosies (sets of two, one light one dark)
 Then sew the twosies together to make foursies.
 Cut apart the 4 7/8" squares.  And here are my foursies.
 Press the HSTs open.
 Lay it out (I would suggest doing this! I accidentally sewed one piece on wrong cause I wasn't paying attention to my lay out!)
and Voila!  A finished Jacobs ladder block!

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