09 May 2012

Tee shirt quilt side 1

So I finished my sisters tee-shirt quilt, but I hadn't gotten a picture of the backside, so I didn't want to post pictures of it, but it's been too long!  I just need to get up what I can, and then take another picture next time I am in Iowa (or just start taking pictures before I ship things off!)

I didn't realize how fuzzy this picture was! I REALLY need to get a better picture now!  What I did, was cut up the blocks, then put interfacing on the back.  Then I added the sashing and corner stones.  I decided on the front to use purple sashing with yellow corner stones and on the back yellow sashing with purple corner stones.  (her school colors were purple & gold) as I was getting to the end of the back side I didn't have enough shirts.  Well I found a few that would work, but as i was cleaning up something in my sewing room, guess what I found?! some more tee-shirts!  I guess I will be making her some pillows ;)

I would definitely do some things differently next time.  This time I made some blocks smaller, and some a little bigger, thinking the rows would end up being ok.  But I had put this away for a few months, so I forgot which ones I had done that too!  So the back ended up being a little wonky.  And even here you can see that top row is slightly shorter than the row below it.  I ended up just adding a little bit of fabric to it.

I of course needed help pinning the two layers together ;) I hope their puppy Bo didn't mind the cat hair :)

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