15 June 2012

Scrap challenge!

Well if the fabric swap challenge I'm in isn't enough how about another? I plan on spending as many days as possible of July in my sewing room.

Block swap continued!


So I shared the first block I received, and the first block I sent out, but now it's time for the third (I don't have pictures of the second (I would have SWORN I took pictures! but I can't find them, and haven't received my block yet)

 I received this block from Karyli who is at http://sewandsoon.blogspot.com/

And here is the block I sent her!

09 June 2012

Block swap

This is the first block I've received. I love it!

This block is from Charlene at http://geemaswonderings.blogspot.com/

The block I sent is the Jacobs ladder block.