22 July 2012

Big Bag!

My host daughter (from Chile) bought a boogie board on our trip to North Carolina.  Well she was hoping it would fit in her big suitcase she is taking back home.  But it wouldn't.  So she just figured she would carry it on the plane with her (as a carry on)

 Well I was thinking about it, and I told her I could make her a bag, she could even put her wallet in it (or her purse!)

Here is the bag.  I made it a little bigger than the board so she could have room for other things.

 (I am not sure why this picture is sideways!) but it's the two pockets I added

And here it is on top of her carry-on.

I added a little strap with a snap to the back so she could attach it, and it won't fall so bad!

I hope she can use it when she goes to the beach and such back home!  It was a quick and easy project!

I need to add a back to a quilt top I have, and make a quilt block for my exchange! I have the fabrics picked out, just not sewn up yet!

21 July 2012

Finished projects

 I have some pictures of things that I have finished that are getting used.  The first two pictures are blankets I made for my friends Joe & Christi.  Joe and I have been friends for something like 8 years.  Him & Christi have two beautiful girls, and I made them these two blankets.

The first one is minky with FOE around the edges. 

The second one is minky and fleece.

And this one isn't a newly finished, I finished it at Christmas.  It's the Tetris quilt.  Well Hollie decided she liked it so much she is stealing it from her daughter!