28 August 2012

Baby C #3 and his quilt!

Here he is with his quilt!

Baby C quilts #3

So I am a terrible friend!! When Kelley had her first two babies, I had those quilts to her LONG before the babies were there.  Well baby C #3 is almost nine months old, and he doesn't have his quilt yet!!

Part of it, was that I didn't know which pattern to use, and when I did decide on a pattern I couldn't decide on the fabrics.  I chose to do the pattern irish chain. I decided to go scrappy.

Here's the front and part of the back.  You can kind of see here, I chose to do a scrappy binding also.

I stitched in the blue squares, so big diagonals.  I wasn't sure what to do in the white spaces :/ I wish I had an embroidery machine so I could have put his name or first letter of his name in it.

23 August 2012

Jacobs ladder keeps growing

I should have been in bed at least an hour ago. But I was working on my Jacobs ladder blocks!

This week was my first week back to school, and I've been stuffy all week. Well tonight was the first night I felt better, I don't have any school work and I haven't been in my sewing room for two weeks, I decided my machine and I would spend some quality time together!

This is what I got done (well some of it). I now have a total of 14 blocks. I have not decided how many I'm doing. I'd thought 20, 5x4, but I'm afraid it'll be too small, so I might do 6x5. Since it is so scrappy I'm not sure a border would work. We shall see!

As I lay it out, I feel like the lights and darks are so similar, but when I look at this picture I can definitely see the lights versus the darks!

The border workbook

I really don't need quilting books, with the internet being as vast as it is, but I can't seem to help myself!! I had to buy one online!!!

I found a border I just loved (that I plan on using with in the next few months) but I coudl'nt find a pattern.  Well I came to find out that it was in the book "the border workbook" after debating with myself about it, I had a little money in my paypal account, so I decided to buy it!!

I am glad I did, there are SO many cool borders in there! it makes me want to finish quilts just to add a border to them ;)

21 August 2012

Baby C quilts #2

When Kelley got pregnant with her second baby she found out it was going to be a girl.  I was SO excited!! Girly quilts are so easy (pinks and purples!! I love purple!) and fun!

I also tried to a new thing for this quilt.  I used an equilateral triangle, which I had seen on fons & porter.  But I didn't remember exactly how to use it, so I have a lot of triangles in my scrap bins!

 Here is the finished quilt.

Here is a close up of the quilting I did.  Inside the triangles.

And the back and binding.  The back is minky, and the binding I used pinks and purples.

16 August 2012

Scrappy Quilt contest

Themed Quilt Contests If you click this image (which is a link) you can be entered to vote for the quilt contest of the week.  This one is scrappy, and I had the perfect quilt to submit!!

My favorite scrappy project I have made thus far!  A log cabin, with all the fabrics I have used in others quilts.  Every time I use it I can think about quilts that I have made for all the people I love :)  Of course for the contest I could only post one picture, but here I have a few others ;)

This is one layout I tried out (there are a lot of ways to lay it out!!)

Here is Pepé helping me decide on a layout

Here is the finished quit with the back.  It has some purple minky on it.

And the top on it's own.

15 August 2012

Block swap

Here's another block from the swap I am a part of
Photobucket (more info if you click the image)

I did show the teaser pic here

Here is the full block

I like how it turned out!  Spools are SO much fun!

And the other one

Garden of Eden in red, white and black!

14 August 2012

Baby C quilts #1

I have a good friend in Texas.  When I found out she was pregnant with her first baby I was SO excited for her! I of course wanted to make a quilt for the baby!

It was SO tough trying to find BOY fabrics!! there is SO much floral stuff out there!  Once I found the fabrics I had to decide on the pattern.  I chose trip around the world, which it was the first time I'd done it.

Here it is, with the back showing.  I used a minky type fabric, and it didn't lay quite as nice as I would have liked.  I used a prepackaged binding.

And here is the whole top! I love the way the stripes look!

13 August 2012

Jacobs ladder

For another quilt I did, I needed 2.5" squares.  Well I made that Jacobs ladder block a few months ago, and that used 2.5" squares.  So I thought to use up the 2.5" squares I would make some more Jacobs ladder blocks, and then a quilt!! I am quite excited about it!  It's VERY scrappy, and I hope that it turns out ok!


Here are the four blocks I made tonight

And here they are together.

11 August 2012

They're not helping!!!!

Traveling Stash give away

Now I do not currently have the travel stash, but one of my blogging buddies does!!

If you want more information on what the traveling stash is, or how you can get your hands on it go visit Handmade by Rebeckah!

Testing blocks

Does anyone else test a block out before they make it for a quilt?  I do that sometimes when I haven't done it before, just to make sure it's the right size, and so I know that I am doing it correctly.

Here is a tester block I did today.

This was SUPPOSED to be Ohio star, but I should have switched the square red and white pieces.   I do like how it turned out (minus the few corners that don't match up!) but I do like how it looks.  I think I might do one following the pattern and see which one I like best for the quit I am making.

August swap

Well my partner for August was Charlene again. She asked for red, black & white blocks.

Here's her teaser pic!

06 August 2012

Block swap July

My partner for July was Rebeckah at http://handmadebyrebeckah.blogspot.com/

The block she requested is called borrow & lend. Since she knows which block she's getting, I made it black & white!

And I received a lovely kitty from her!