16 August 2012

Scrappy Quilt contest

Themed Quilt Contests If you click this image (which is a link) you can be entered to vote for the quilt contest of the week.  This one is scrappy, and I had the perfect quilt to submit!!

My favorite scrappy project I have made thus far!  A log cabin, with all the fabrics I have used in others quilts.  Every time I use it I can think about quilts that I have made for all the people I love :)  Of course for the contest I could only post one picture, but here I have a few others ;)

This is one layout I tried out (there are a lot of ways to lay it out!!)

Here is Pepé helping me decide on a layout

Here is the finished quit with the back.  It has some purple minky on it.

And the top on it's own.


  1. Es muy bonita, suerte



  2. Gracias Ana! Pienso que tu "quilt" (no se como se dice quilt) es bonita también!

    Gracias para visitarme!


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