31 October 2012

Bloggers quilt festival

Amy's creative side

Click the image for more information about the Bloggers quilt festival, if you don't know anything about it, it's actually really cool and a way for quilters around the world to get together, when so many of us live busy lives.

 This is the quilt I made my husband. Up until this point I had only made quilts with squares. I had made some quilts with designs, but they were all squares. I knew I wanted to make the inch this design for my husband. He's volunteered at a music festival called ichthus and his faith is very important to him.

I was talking to a friend that quilted (much more than I!) and I showed her my square designs and she suggested I make half square triangles. Those were very new to me. But I learned how to make them and I think the quilt turned out quilt nice!

Our first apartment we lived in we used this as our "comforter"/bed quilt because it was large enough for both of us.

I wanted to give it to my then fiancé on our wedding day. But I forgot my foot pedal for my sewing machine and so I had no way to sew. I gave it to him about three weeks later :)

Ichthus quilt
Finished quilt measures : 82"x65"
Special techniques used : HST
Quilted by : Me
Best Category : favorite 2 color quilt, favorite bed quilt

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