09 October 2012

Finished top!

I was hoping to post this as a finish. But it might be a few days. I actually started this probably two years ago, around the time I started this blog. I found someone who was talking about values quilts. I decided to take a LARGE stack of 4" squares I've had (forever!) and make HSTs. I'd started putting them together and Saturday I got the top done!

The first picture is me holding the top. It's 54"x46".

I decided to back it with red fleece. I quilted in the ditch around the diamonds.

While I was making this project I actually didn't care for it much. But once I got the top done, stepped back and looked at it! Wowsers! I loved it!! You could really see the dark versus the light! (I'm hoping I can see that with my Jacobs ladder quilt!).

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