13 October 2012

Long arm quilting

I have wanted to try a long arm quilting machine forever, I would love to own one, but they are so expensive (even buying used!) so we haven't been able to afford it, but a local quilt shop has one in the shop that people can use.  I was SO excited! I finally heard back and today I was able to take the lesson to get trained on using it.

It's not that complicated, but I sure am glad I was able to take a class, I am going back in two weeks to actually quilt a real quilt!! (now to just finish the top ;) )  I did get to bring home a souvenir.

 Here is my top
Here is the stitching from when I first started.  You can see my loops and stars
My name ;)
On the left are my teachers hearts, to the right mine. and she showed me how she would fill in at the bottom.

and on the left here are her leaves and on the right mine

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