28 October 2012

Testing Quilting designs

So when I learned how to use the long arm quilting machine a few weeks ago, she suggested I use a whiteboard to practice drawing designs, because of how the marker is held.  It would be similar to quilting on the machine.

Because of being a teacher I will actually put my hand on the board to steady my hand as I write, so I wasn't sure that idea would work for me.

So I have just been pinning things on pinterest that I thought it would be fun to try on the Long arm machine next time I go.  As I was thinking about it though, I thought that I could actually use my ipad to practice drawing quilting designs!

The app I used is called Bamboo paper, Itunes link to bamboo paper.  It is free, but they also have a paid version, which I use, because you can have multiple "books" so I have a "quilting" book.

So here are some of the ones I tried out.  Some of them are a little shaky because we were in the car while I drew these.

Doing "ferns"

Writing words

This was just practicing.  The cool thing about Bamboo paper is that you can insert pictures.  so I just played around and put in a block I have made and made a quilting design in it.

And I also did it with my scrappy Jacobs ladder.  Just to see what the meander would like like on it.


  1. The quilting on your block is terrific..it would be perfect for your large purple/green quilt on MQR.
    When practicing, I doodle on everything. Even sending a card/note to someone, I will draw some feathers in the corner.
    Doodling quilting designs is really addicting!

  2. How neat is that! I'm downloading Bamboo paper right now... I pinned your writing words to my FMQ board. I'm working up to FMQ. Nice blog, I'm a fellow StashBuster.


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