27 November 2012

Black Friday shopping

I have never been really into black Friday shopping, but my friend Christine is, and when we planned to go out this year, we planned to go black Friday shopping together.  We decided the only place we REALLY wanted to hit up was Jo-Ann's.  The flannel (among other things) was on a HUGE sale.

We were the first ones at the door on Friday morning.  And we both spent a lot of money! I bought a lot of flannel, some for quilt backs, some just cause it was cute (I don't have a quilt in mind for it yet).

Then Friday night we set up Christine's sewing room, except I never got a picture of it! I think it's really cute, and this is the best I have.

Except it doesn't show her awesome mannequin (whom we named Claire), or her large table she has her machine on.  This weekend I worked on quilt blocks and Christine finished an outfit! it's a one piece jumpsuit tube top type thing.  I don't want to post pictures of it yet, because she plans on wearing it soon, and I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!


  1. Good idea to get to JoAnn early. My mom and I went late in the morning Friday in South Bend. They were helping number 15 at the cutting counter, and the next number to pull was 57! There were about 30 people in line to check out at the front too. We didn't end up buying anything!

    1. Wow! We actually got a number thinking we would have more time to shop, but they had SO many people cutting that we ended up giving our number to someone else!!!

      That's too bad the check out lane was too long for you to get through!


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