29 November 2012

Long arm part 2

Here is part 2 of my long arming.  (This was a BIG quilt!)

Here you can see some pebbling I did.  I thought that was kind of boring.  I have also found I do not like heavy quilting.  Pebbling was too close for me.  Then next to it is a flower I tried to do, I found it online, and LOVED it! but I couldn't get it to look as pretty as the others I had found.  Again I think once I get used to the feel of the machine it will be easier.

Here I practiced some writing, Melissa loves Scott (Although I didn't go back and dot my i).

Here is some more writing I did.  Along with trying to draw a flower.  I LOVE all the flowers I see, but I am not that good at them!  Then You can also see some swirls/snails I did.

Here I just did some x's and practiced more swirls/snails.

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