21 November 2012


Last year my husband and I went to DC for thanksgiving. We're visiting my friend Christine.

Her and I are going Black Friday shopping at Jo-Ann's. I don't need a lot, but the sales will be nice.

We are also going to spend some time sewing. I didn't want to try to lug my machine around or have to put it in the over head compartments. So I asked if I could borrow the featherweight from my MIL.

I didn't have a wheelie bag that would fit under the seat (and fit the featherweight) but I do have a Vera Bradley miller bag, which the machine fits into quite well.

I wrapped it in my HST quilt. The only snafu, was that TSA wanted to take it out :/ so I had to put it back. But it's good now, and I'm ready for our flight…in two hours!

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