19 December 2012


I have been following Bonnie Hunter since I got a blog.  I have used a few of her patterns, or tweaked them to make them my own.  I semi follow her scrap system (I don't have enough space to do more than I have now).  Bonnie talks about using "leaders and enders" which is actually something I saw on Fons and Porter, basically you always have something on your machine, you don't sew off the item, you keep adding something.  I like it because it saves on thread.

Well Bonnie talked about using bow tie blocks as leaders and enders (here). I didn't see it until the fall of this year though (here) and I decided that I wanted to make one!  So I have started one.  Of course I am not in love with cheddar like Bonnie is, but I do love purple, so I chose to use a solid purple.

I do not have pictures yet, because school has been crazy, and I have been trying to get presents for Christmas done (the ones that aren't being sewn.)

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