10 December 2012

Missing fabric update

Well I was unable to find the fabric I needed. No one I knew had any, and one employee at Joann's told me she remembered it going on clearance, which means I'm out of luck :(

I did find this one fabric at wal-mart, that I'd thought about using in the border. (You can see the shades are similar, but the wal-mart print was definitely more green.

But I think I've found a layout that shall work. And once it's done I'll share it with you all :)


  1. Melissa, I think the Walmart print will make a perfect border....the different pattern will really go so well with the original....what a wonderful find!

    1. I actually found someone online that has it! And since I wanted to finish this quilt up ASAP (I'm going to the long arm this weekend, it's my last before break!) I am going to use what is sent to me as the binding.

      (I can be a little OCD about everything matching (when it's planned, which is why I like scrappy!), which is why I have a few UFOs that I am not sure what I will do it!)


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