04 December 2012

On the search for fabric. . .

Hello! I have been posting about my two fabric quilt on Thursdays, well the darker fabric I picked, I ran out of, and even after being to 5 Jo-Ann stores, I cannot find it ANYWHERE!!

So I was wondering if a) anyone else has happened to see it at a Jo-Ann's and could get me the SKU b) anyone has some at their home they would be willing to sell me?

I was hoping to finish this quilt by Christmas, but I am not sure what I will do now that I have run out of a key fabric (I really thought I had enough!)

Here is a picture of the fabric.  It's brown with green and blue dots/circles.  This was NOT a clearance fabric.  I bought it off their calico wall.

(I don't even have enough fabric at home to take a picture of just the fabric!)

Thank you SO much!

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