17 December 2012

Stocking test run

I had a friend who asked me to make stockings for her family, I also wanted to make some for my husband and I.  so I decided to use some scraps around the house to make up a mock one, just to decide how I was going to put it together, and this is what I came up with:

I tweaked the shape a little bit for my next one.  But I am excited to make them for my husband and myself! His shall have colts fabric, and mine shall have lots of purple. 

I think the only thing I would do differently from this one, is to try a French seam on it, because I had to do a seam on the outside just to make sure it would stay together (the inside wouldn't "come out").

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  1. Cute stocking!

    I am prolly putting this in the wrong place, but here is a link to my blogpost listing all of the Bonnie quilts I have/or am making. My Cheddar Bowtie quilt is onl 1/4 done... but I'm working on it by hand and not as a leader/ender... Orca Bay is my leader/ender at this point.



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