31 January 2013

Garden of Eden

I've actually made this block before, but that was with half square triangles. This one I made a square in a square.

My husband helped me decide on the colors!  I think he did well with the blue!

29 January 2013

Quilt cam

Bonnie Hunter does a quilt cam randomly at night (and occasionally on the weekends).  Tonight I was able to watch.  I like watching because I feel like I am sewing with someone else.  Since I don't have a lot of people to sew with.

Here is my set up.  I am working on a string quilt and the wonky log cabin.

Once I got a bunch done I moved tables to trim.  Minnie decided she wanted to watch quilt cam with me!

Here are two of my string blocks.  I have a few more finished but I didn't get the paper removed.

I am linking up to Cat patches NewUFO (my string quilt)


Wonky log cabin

This is going to be a christmas present, and I have shared a few pictures already.  But some of my blocks have gotten big enough that I was able to cut them 9.5 inches.

I have heard from some people that they used black sashing.  I know it's only three blocks, but I kind of like them butted up against each other.  I have thought about making some that were half and half. But we shall see what happens when I get more done.  Right now I have two of each color. Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, orange, purple, brown, black.  I might end up adding a "white" as one of the blocks.

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25 January 2013


I'm not a huge sports fan. But my husband & many of his friends are. Our pastor likes the (Chicago) Bears but his wife likes the (Indianapolis) Colts. So when I found two pieces of fleece at Joann's, one bears one colts I had to buy it! (Ok it was actually my husbands suggestion!)

I didn't use batting but to quilt it I stitched diagonal lines.

24 January 2013

Local Quilt shop day

Today was local quilt shop day.  It is hosted by http://www.quiltshopday.com/.  They have asked bloggers to profile their local shops, why they are important and what the shop means to them.  If you would like to see the other bloggers that are involved you can find them here.  I know I am a little late to the party, but work has been crazy busy, I've been spending time with my husband and not had time to blog!

I wasn't able to go the shop today because it snowed (gotta love lake effect snow!).  But I am still going to talk about the shop that I love.  I was introduced to Needle & Thread in 2009.  I visited occasionally, mainly because it's a half an hour away.  I found out this year that they have a long arm to rent, and since then I have been going more recently.  I have wanted a long arm machine for years, but they are quite expensive, and I am so thankful to have the chance to rent one from Needle & Thread.

The ladies that work at Needle & Thread are so friendly and helpful, they will help me with any problems that I might be having, whether it's about thread color or talking about different techniques.  I am hoping to be able to sign up for one of their classes they have soon.

What's your favorite quilt shop like?!

21 January 2013

Block swap - January

For the month of January my partner was Donna, at justduckeeoriginals.com.  She sent me this ADORABLE kitty!

The purples are wonderful!

She asked for dutchmans puzzle in blues with a white background.

I had a few extra batiks, so I decided to use those :)

It's not too late to join (even for the February swap!)  


17 January 2013

Devils puzzle - fun blocks

This block is called devils puzzle. I really should have done it with flying geese, but I would rather do HSTs.

I am going to call these my fun blocks. Just blocks I've wanted to try.

I love how this one kind of looks like a pinwheel but also arrows!

And here is a picture of the back, I was able to get the baby pinwheel!

16 January 2013

Bow ties

Well after sewing tiny squares on to slightly larger squares many many times I took some time to cut the excess and then ironed them all and paired them with their match.

So for now instead of sewing tiny squares to slightly larger squares, I'm sewing two squares together.

And since I am SO excited I decided to just throw some full bow tie blocks together.

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14 January 2013

I feel famous!

So I had someone that said they wanted to see some finished pictures of the quilts I have done on the long arm, because they had seen them on the website, well I thought they were talking about my jacobs ladder quilt, which is posted here on their long arm page.

They said no not that one.  It's the one on the front page!  I thought I had looked all over, but I missed it! 

I haven't been able to share pictures of these quilts yet, cause I have been busy with family at Christmas, and now school back is in session, but I didn't have school work to do this weekend, so I finished some things and working on some quilts that I am planning to give as gifts this year. 

13 January 2013

Wonky log cabin

A few years ago after making my string X quilt, I posted in the yahoo group, stash busters asking about ideas to use up strings.

I received many good ideas, but I decided I would make wonky log cabin blocks. I am doing them by color.

You can tell which scraps I have less of ;) those blocks are quite smaller. I think I will make them 9" square.

Would you sash them?

I am linking up to Soscrappy's rainbow scrap challenge!


11 January 2013

Block swap adventure

I went to the mail on Wednesday and look what I found waiting for me!

Cute little kitty!! I love the tail! and I am not sure if you can tell but it has buttons for eyes! Isn't that adorable?!

08 January 2013

Block swap adventure!

BSA I have talked about Block Swap Adventure a few times last year.  I joined in May or June.  And I have received some AWESOME blocks since I joined!  I have also tried out a few new blocks for my swap partners.  It's very easy to join.  If you're interested click the block (it's a link to the blog) and you will find the information needed to send an email to the moderator!

I have enjoyed being a member SO much! I have met some great quilters, I have also been introduced to some new quilt blocks that I definitely wouldn't have tried on my own!

I have posted blocks as I have received them, but I decided to take a picture of all the blocks I have together.

The one on the top left is my fat cats block.  In the bottom left that is my kitty Pepé. I think the only thing I am unsure about is going to be what to do for the sashing.  I have thought about a black.  cause another purple might be too much.  but we shall see what happens when I get a few more!

07 January 2013

Fat cats!

Well I finally did it! I used my fat cats ruler!

This is my first block!  My ears aren't that even.

I had a little bit of a learning curve, similar to putting equilateral triangles together, I want to match up line for line.  But if you don't do it right, this happens:

One side lined up, the other didn't! I trimmed it a little bit, so it was ok. I am making a few others and playing with it still.  I have an idea for a wall hanging that wouldn't necessarily involve quilting but would be cute for a cat lover! And I think I might finally have a use for all the cat fabric I have been hoarding! I can use it for the kitty bodies!  We shall see if that is what I end up doing!

05 January 2013

Tee-shirt rag quilt

I finished the tee-shirt quilt for my sister, and that really spurred me to finish my own (and maybe my husband's some day ;) ).   I have decided to do mine a little different, I am going to do it as a rag quilt.  I have bought orange and black flannel (my high school colors) and cutting and interfacing the blocks.  This is one block, from a concert I went to with my grandma.  The only problem is, it's bigger than my 15" that all my other blocks will be.  So I have to figure out what I am going to do there!

04 January 2013

Bow ties

I posted last year (hehe) that I was working on bowties leaders and enders (here) but I didn't have a chance to get pictures taken.  Well I finally had a chance to sit down in my room and remember to take a picture!

In the back are the bowties I have sewn the square on.  In the front left are my purple squares I am using, and the front right are my piles ready to be made into bowties.  I cut them together to make sure they have a match.

I felt like I had SO many cut, and then I started sewing them and I was surprised to find I didn't have many at all! It will definitely be an on-going project.  When I cut fabric for a current project I have also been cutting a bowtie block :)

03 January 2013


My husband and I have been traveling, so I haven't had much time to post.  But I have wanted to post about my sewing goals for the year.

1. Post in my blog 100 times in the year.  That's about 7 posts a month.  I posted 83 posts last year, I think I can do it.

2. Finish 7 quilts this year (not counting UFOs) I finished 7 last year, and only one was a UFO.  And that doesn't count the baby quilts I made.

3. Try 3 different quilt patterns I haven't tried before.  I have some books that haven't been used, and I would like to use them!

I think 3 goals for now is good.  I am going to try to come back to my goals at least once a month to check up on how I am doing.