03 January 2013


My husband and I have been traveling, so I haven't had much time to post.  But I have wanted to post about my sewing goals for the year.

1. Post in my blog 100 times in the year.  That's about 7 posts a month.  I posted 83 posts last year, I think I can do it.

2. Finish 7 quilts this year (not counting UFOs) I finished 7 last year, and only one was a UFO.  And that doesn't count the baby quilts I made.

3. Try 3 different quilt patterns I haven't tried before.  I have some books that haven't been used, and I would like to use them!

I think 3 goals for now is good.  I am going to try to come back to my goals at least once a month to check up on how I am doing.

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