08 January 2013

Block swap adventure!

BSA I have talked about Block Swap Adventure a few times last year.  I joined in May or June.  And I have received some AWESOME blocks since I joined!  I have also tried out a few new blocks for my swap partners.  It's very easy to join.  If you're interested click the block (it's a link to the blog) and you will find the information needed to send an email to the moderator!

I have enjoyed being a member SO much! I have met some great quilters, I have also been introduced to some new quilt blocks that I definitely wouldn't have tried on my own!

I have posted blocks as I have received them, but I decided to take a picture of all the blocks I have together.

The one on the top left is my fat cats block.  In the bottom left that is my kitty Pepé. I think the only thing I am unsure about is going to be what to do for the sashing.  I have thought about a black.  cause another purple might be too much.  but we shall see what happens when I get a few more!

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