04 January 2013

Bow ties

I posted last year (hehe) that I was working on bowties leaders and enders (here) but I didn't have a chance to get pictures taken.  Well I finally had a chance to sit down in my room and remember to take a picture!

In the back are the bowties I have sewn the square on.  In the front left are my purple squares I am using, and the front right are my piles ready to be made into bowties.  I cut them together to make sure they have a match.

I felt like I had SO many cut, and then I started sewing them and I was surprised to find I didn't have many at all! It will definitely be an on-going project.  When I cut fabric for a current project I have also been cutting a bowtie block :)

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  1. This reminds me...I have a bowtie quilt I started (maybe 20 years ago?) and I need to get that out and finish at least something with what I have - even if it's not the full quilt it was intended to be.

    Purdy colored fabrics in your picture =)



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