27 February 2013

Bow ties

I LOVE my bow ties!!!

They are so cute! So little!! I laid them out. There is 36 here. There are some duplicates but not many, but believe no triples.

I wasn't sure how I would like the purple on purple blocks, but I think they still pop.

I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly pieced

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

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26 February 2013

Block received

I actually have three blocks that I received.  The first is from Agnes who was my November partner.

The second is from Ida who is my January partner.  I told myself I couldn't open Ida's until I got her quilt block done! And since her block is done, I could finally open the letter!

 The third is from Debra. She was my partner in May. This was the original kitty she made me, but it got lost. And finally made it this way.

I just love how all my kitties are coming together! I guess I should think of something else, otherwise I will have a REALLY big quilt of kitties :) which is ok with me! I might take some and make a wall hanging!

Please feel free to join!


21 February 2013

Fun blocks

This block was an interesting one! I chose it for a few reasons.  1) I loved the name (Joseph's coat, ie coat of many colors, I actually did this different than the pattern, the pattern used a few colors, I really wanted to make it look like Joseph's coat!) 2) it used triangles, which I am still working on using.  For the most part when I use triangles I do them as HSTs, and I could have done this for this block, but I thought I would try something different :)

I am quite proud of myself because I got most of the triangles to match up, I just have a few that didn't! I have some extra triangles, because when I made this, I tried to not put duplicates, and looking right now I only see two!

Getting into my sewing room has been difficult lately! I have two blocks for the swap I am in to finish (eeks! five days!) and I want to work more on my log cabins I have.  But school has been busy, and my husband and I have been traveling, which makes it hard to sew.

19 February 2013

School project

A family friends' son was doing a project for school. Their son chose to do a quilt block. So they came to me for help. I brought some fabric over (that his grandma had given me!) After C picked out his fabrics, his mom noted that she had actually had some clothes made out of that fabric when she was younger!  How neat is that!

Here is the young man sewing it. I drew a straight line at 1/4" for him to have a straight line.

Here are all the rows put together, he is sewing the front to the back.  If we wouldn't have been hand sewing then I probably would have had him put some binding on it.

Here is the finished pillow!  The only thing I helped with, was the quilting (tacking) on the front side. Also instead of teaching him to do a slip stitch (this was his first project!) we just stitched on the front.  I think he did a WONDERFUL job!

07 February 2013

Children of Israel

This block was interesting. No squares. I cut out all the pieces for this. I must admit I was quite worried. But it was a lot easier to do then I thought.

I used one of my mini design boards (which I shared here). Having the board helped me lay it out!

Like the block I posted last week my husband helped me choose the colors. He was spot on with the blue I think!

05 February 2013

Log cabin

I have decided to make a log cabin quilt.  This one is going to be scrappy, but one side will be blacks and the other whites.  Of course this was all I could get done so far, because I don't have much black! 

01 February 2013

Goals check-in

It's been about month since I posted my goals, so I thought I would check in to them (here).

1. Well I have posted in my blog 17 times since January.  So I think I might have this one in the bag ;)

2. I have three quilts started as gifts. my new string quilt So I need to decide the other 3 :)

3. I haven't tried a quilt pattern from a book, but I have tried some squares.  And I bought another book! (what was I thinking?!)