21 February 2013

Fun blocks

This block was an interesting one! I chose it for a few reasons.  1) I loved the name (Joseph's coat, ie coat of many colors, I actually did this different than the pattern, the pattern used a few colors, I really wanted to make it look like Joseph's coat!) 2) it used triangles, which I am still working on using.  For the most part when I use triangles I do them as HSTs, and I could have done this for this block, but I thought I would try something different :)

I am quite proud of myself because I got most of the triangles to match up, I just have a few that didn't! I have some extra triangles, because when I made this, I tried to not put duplicates, and looking right now I only see two!

Getting into my sewing room has been difficult lately! I have two blocks for the swap I am in to finish (eeks! five days!) and I want to work more on my log cabins I have.  But school has been busy, and my husband and I have been traveling, which makes it hard to sew.

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