22 March 2013

Friday night Sew in

I am HOME and able to sew on a Friday night!!  So I can participate in :

Handmade by Heidi

I am so excited! Tonight I am working on:

My black & white log cabin (these are getting big!) I added one more round, which means they finish at 14" now!! They're so much bigger!!

And my wonky log cabin.  I have 2 purples, 2 greens, 2 blues, 1 black (but I have a lot of strings from my black & white log cabin, so I have about three more of those started!)

And my string quilt.  That works well with the wonky log cabin, because they both use my strings.  Now if only Minnie would let me get to my strings!

While I am sewing I have been watching X-files.  This has been my first foray into this show! I enjoy it!

And I JUST found out this, but there is something call Feline Friday, and since Minnie LOVES to help me sew, I am linking up to it! The first feline Friday I found is at Sarah Did it and the other is at Jody's Book review


  1. A sewing cat? WOW! Minnie is a cutie.

    Have a great weekend!


    1. Just so you know, you are a no reply blogger, which means that I cannot respond to you!

  2. Welcome to Feline Friday's Minnie, you will be a hit!

    Have a wonderful weekend :-)

    God bless,

  3. Both sets of your log cabin blocks are just lovely. The black and white log cabins will be fantastic when finished. And the wonky cabins will be wonderful as well. How big are they finishing at?

  4. I watched X-Files as a kid but have just started getting them on DVD to re-watch. I'm also enjoying them altho the 1980's clothing is making me cringe a little! Welcome Minne to Feline Friday - we are happy to have you!


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