28 March 2013

fun blocks

Ohh buddy! This block was a toughie!! Not difficult per say, but it took a lot of time.  I actually started this Sunday night.  I got about half of the paper piecing pieces done (say that three times fast!).  Then Monday night I finished the pieces and sewed them into a block.  So it was time to remove the paper! I feel like that has taken more time than the sewing! (of course I would rather sew than remove paper, so. . .)

I was disappointed some of the seams didn't match up, and that is what I struggle the most with in paper piecing.  I think if I would have removed the paper before sewing them, I could have matched them up better.

I really really like this block, but there is NO way I would make a full quilt out of this block by paper piecing!  I found the paper pieced pattern here at generations quilt patterns.  It was very helpful, but I don't like the paper piecing.

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  1. That block would make a neat quilt, eh? Especially with some fun color play involved. Yeah, I have a much easier time matching seams of paper-pieced units if I take the papers off first. Not my favorite task, either, but I do love the spectacular things you can do via that method, so I treat myself to some movie time when I do it!


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