01 April 2013

Design wall Monday

Woohoo! Sewing during break! My favorite! I feel so productive. Especially if I don't look at the rest of the house!

I don't actually have a design wall. But I have a twin size bed. So that is where I usually design.

What I have up today is my string blocks. Which are 9". I have 20 blocks and no more of that blue I used. It's definitely not very big, so I will need to add more. Another 20 probably ;) what color do you suggest I add?

What's on your wall today? Check out all the other projects at The patchwork times! (http://www.patchworktimes.com/2013/04/01/design-wall-monday-12/)


  1. Oh I love string blocks! Maybe a yellow then arrange so you alternate the yellow and blue "squares".

  2. Gorgeous colors, beautiful blocks. You could add any other color that was similar in value, but a cool bright green or lighter lavender would probably carry the pattern better.


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